The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 16.05.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 16.05.1980, Blaðsíða 4
Page 4 The White Falcon May 16, lS.tsO Shape up...or don't shi "Shape up or ship out" is a com- mon expression in the Navy. It's one that will take on a different shade of meaning if your family lives in one of the 77,000 family housing units operated by the Navy. Even though you're settled in, even- tually your sponsor will receive or- ders. Then your quarters will have to be shaped up to a shine before you can ship out. Every month more than 3,000 fam- ilies move into or out of Navy fam- ily housing units. Families moving in expect that their new quarters will be clean and that all equipment and appliances will be in good work- ing order. Families moving out have an obligation to see that this is so. As you prepare for your move—and the housing inspection that goes a- long with it—you'll have plenty of things to think about and to get done. One is the requirement that you give the housing office at least 30 days advance notice of your move. If your sponsor receives orders to move in less than 30 days, notify the housing officer immediately. Next, make arrangements with housing office for a preliminary in- spection and a final inspection. The preliminary inspection will give you a chance to better prepare for the final inspection when the entire quarters, furnishings and grounds will be inspected. Because all naval bases do not have the same kind of housing, in- spection requirements may vary. Generally, the list of Occupant Housekeeping Requirements on the following page applies to most hous- ing. One way to ease the strain of the final cleaning is to take care of your quarters while you're living there. Knowing what to expect will make it easier, but periodic main- tenance and heavy cleaning will mean less to do at check-out time. If you would prefer not to clean your quarters yourself for the final inspection, your housing office may be able to give you a list of accep- table cleaning organizations. You, of course will have to pay for this service. The housing of- fice doesn't care who does the final cleaning, hut it must be done that new tenants can move i; clean house or apartment. T what you'll expect when you mov to your new quarters. 4P i the one^s^^ All light sockets must have work- ing bulbs in them. All light fix- tures must be clean. HOUSING PROJECT MANAGER—Brynj^^Mlnarssor inspection on an apartment; bM^^or Albei begun. (Photos by J03 David Guise)


The White Falcon

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