The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 11.07.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 11.07.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Keflavik, Iceland Reservists "cruise" to Kef for training In it's third annual "cruise" personnel of Naval Reserve Naval Station Keflavik 1066 are here. . • The over 300-member Naval Air Re- serve Unit, based in Washington, D.C., at the Naval Air Facility, are functionally augmenting their active duty counter-parts. . . working to- gether as part of the Naval Station team. Three years ago, with the intro- duction of "Project Readiness," NR KEF 1066 was added to the list of reserve air units supporting the TO- TAL FORCE POLICY, and was chartered by the Chief of the Naval Reserve, in New Orleans, La., to provide qualified assistance to Naval Sta- tion Keflavik, Iceland. In July 1978, the unit with 130 reservists, demonstrated that effec- tive reserve manpower integration within an overseas active duty sta- tion is real. . . a practical illus- tration of the Naval Reserve role as Admiral Hayward, Chief of Naval rations says, "the One-Navy Con- t." Reserve members participate in wo weeks of Annual Active Duty for Training (ACDUTRA) to enhance and gear their professional skills to the Navy program. To train "on- Adm two site" in Iceland, is a real func- tional plus for a Naval Reservist. . being able to experience the heritage and tradition of another country, and contribute one's know- ledge toward the support of our na- tion's Navy. NR KEF 1066 reservists will be the first to tell you that they share a genuine sense of ac- complishment and worth belonging to the "total force" naval community. During the last two years as with this year of deployments, a number of major contributions were credited to reserve support to the base: Public Works and reserve Seabees as- sisted with the opening of the Navy Exchange, barracks modernization, and several installation improvement projects. Medical department reservists helped to eliminate patient backlog at the clinic, and treated the maj- ority of emergency cases. Supply personnel, like MS2 Georgia Walter, a professional dietician with a Mas- ter of Science degree, assisted in teaching large dispensary staff in dietary methods. Another supply re- servist, AKC Nachemson, worked in the base Purchasing Office and was able to resolve some purchasing and Navy contracting problems during his two weeks of ACDUTRA. Again, Keflavik reservists were able to transfer their civilian knowledge into military work. Under the command of Capt. Ralph H. Harrison Jr., NR KEF 1066's re- serve team this year contributed o- ver 7,000 man-hours to Naval Station Keflavik. Master Chief Ordnanceman Melvin Cogar, a 29-year member, leading chief of the reserve unit, and General Foreman for Washington Gas and Light Company, summed up the feeling of genuine accomplishment: "We've never been welcomed more at any facility as we have here at Na- val Station Keflavik." See photos on page 4 Iceland explained to Reservists The "land of fire and ice" was brought a little closer to reser- vists of Naval Reserve Naval Station Keflavik 1066 (NR NS KEF 1006) prior to their unit two-week "cruise" to Keflavik. Minister Consular Sverrir H. Gunnlaugsson, from the Embassy of Iceland in Washing- ton, visited the unit and shared a look at his island nation. Capt. Ralph H. Harrison Jr., Com- manding Officer, said, "for almost 300 reservists, it was an honored e- vent to have the interchange of a foreign embassy and a selected re- serve component. It was especially helpful for Naval Reservists visiting Iceland for the first time to hear a little history and gain some insight about the country and people. Con- sular Gunnlaugsson has served at the Embassy over two years and as- sumes the ambassador's duties in his absence. Prior to his Washington assignment, the consular spent a number of years with the Iceland Foreign Service in Paris and in Rey- kjavik. For NR NS KEF 1066, this was the second opportunity to have a repre- sentative from the Embassy of Ice- land. iSERVIST LENDS SUPPORT—MS2 Elizabeth Corbin, USNR-R, gives some helpful hints to the Naval Station Mess Management Chief Oscar Amoroso. it See frockees on page 3 +


The White Falcon

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