The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 01.08.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 01.08.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Keflavik, Iceland Volume 23, Number 30 August 1,1980 News briefs Retreat to Hvitarbakki planned for women The Protestant Chapel is spon- soring a Spiritual Life Retreat for Women at Hvitarbakki from Au- gust 18-21. Due to the limited capacity of Hvitarbakki Lodge, a deposit fee is required and reser- vations must be made by Monday. The theme of the retreat is "Lord, Change Me," based on the book and related meterials by Evelyn Christianson. Total cost for the retreat includes meals and transportation. For more information call Gaile Hall at 7236 or Judy Pope at7862. Medical record policy reminder Naval Station patrons are re- minded that the Privacy Act pro- hibits husbands or wives from icking up the health records of eir respective spouses without ior authorization, in writing, from the other spouse. Personnel departing Keflavik who wish to pick up their spouses health re- cord should bring along written authorization and their spouses ID card. There are no exceptions to the provisions of the Privacy Act as it pertains to medical records. II ^Tth. I se Park plans to be shown NATO Base residents will see the proposed park plans August 9 at the Navy Exchange where a fund- raising booth is setup for dollar or kronur donations to raise money for the base park's development. Haircut prices increase Effective August 15, Friday, the Navy Exchange barber shops will increase prices on regular haircuts, scissors cut, and on ra- zor cut. NEX shops close for holiday Due to an Icelandic holiday, the following Navy Exchange faci- lities will be closed: On Satur- ay—Retail Store, Personalized rvices, Geysir Cafeteria, and byland; On Monday—Laundry and the Service Bays of the exchange service station. VP-46 receives Isbell trophy Rear Admiral Richard A. Martini presented the coveted "Captain Arnold Jay Isbell Trophy" to Patrol Squadron Forty-Six during recent ceremonies conducted at Keflavik. The Isbell Trophy was awarded to VP-46 for ASW excellence during operations conducted in calendar year 1979. The Captain Arnold Jay Isbell Trophy was established in 1958 to honor the memory of Captain Arnold Jay Isbell, an outstanding antisub- marine commander who was killed in action on March 19, 1945 aboard the USS Franklin, and to serve as a means to motivate squadrons to out- standing antisubmarine warfare pro- fessionalism. The trophy also of- fers a tangible award for the squad- ron judged as the best in ASW cap- abilities during a twelve month pe- riod. During 1979, VP-46 was deployed to Misawa, Japan. During this pe- riod, the squadron participated in numerous exercises attaining out- standing results. Additionally, squadron flight crews were awarded the Commander Task Force Seventy- Two "Golden Lens Award" for the six consecutive months that the squadron was eligible for the award. This achievement marked the first time a single squadron received all six "Golden Lens" awards during its de- ployment. Squadron flight crews were also recognized as Commander Task Force Seventy-Two "ASW Crew of the Month" for three of the five months the squadron was eligible. These awards and the numerous other plaudits received by VP-46 during the year 1979 were instrumen- tal in the "Grey Knights" selection REAR ADMIRAL RICHARD A. MARTINI presented the coveted "Cantain Arnold Isbell Trophy" to Patrol Squadron Forty-Six's Comnandinp, Officer, Cmdr. Michael J. Knosky. as the outstanding ASW Patrol Squad- ron in the pacific fleet. Cmdr. M.J. Knosky, squadron com- manding officer, accepted the award on behalf of every squadron member, both aircrew and ground support per- sonnel, who contributed in the total team effort toward this accomplish- ment. Commanding officer of the squadron for the period of the award was Cmdr. J.A. McElmurry. Darker days return in August August is the last month of the summer season at Keflavik. The av- erage temperature will be 51° (10.6°) which is a little variation from July. The major North Atlantic storm track will remain south of Iceland. August averages 17 days of pre- cipitation in the form of rain or drizzle with a total accumulation of 3.8 inches. But, if the present trend continues, August will be sig- nificantly drier than normal. June's precipitation total of .3 inches was a record low for Kefla- vik and July's total of 1.1 Inches was 1.5 inches below normal. August brings a return of dark- ness. The sun will rise at 4:38 a.m. and set at 9:33 p.m. on the first of August and rise at 6:08 a.m. and set at 8:50 p.m. on the 31st. Winter is just around the corner.


The White Falcon

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