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War News - 29.06.1940, Qupperneq 1

War News - 29.06.1940, Qupperneq 1
WAR NEWS 1940 JUNE 29th price: Russians get Bessarabia and northern part of Bucovina. London June 28th It was officially confirmed in Bucarest Thursday night that the Russian government had sent an ultimatum to the Ro- manian government, demanding Bessarabia and the northern part of Bucovina. To these de- mands the Romanian govern- ment has now yielded and this afternoon Russian troops cross- ed the frontiers and occupied several towns, among them British submarine sinks 8000 tons German transport. The British Admiralty an- nounces that a British sub- marine (H.M.S. Tetrac?), has sunk a German transport of 8000 tons, south of Norway. The ship was hit by two torpedo- es. 4 motor-torpedoeboats which escorted the German vessel at- tacked the British submarine with depth charges, without re- sult. Planes that appeared also attacked the submarine with no result. Czemowitz in Bucovina and Kisheney in Bessarabia. There were other reports, not con- firmed, that Russia demanded control over Romanias Black Sea ports, that the Turkish go- vernment had ordered the mo- bilisation of two classes in Ana- tolia, that Turkish warships were proceeding through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea etc. When Russian troops entered Romanian territory today there were some minor clashes, ap- parently because the Romanian frontier guards had no know- ledge of what had happened. Three Romanian planes were shot down. According to the Moscow Ra- dio the Russians insisted that all railways, roads, airfields and powerstations should be hand- ed over intact. King Carol has appointed a War Council to prevent further seizure of Romanian land. First news of Russian ulti- matum reached London from Berlin and Rome, which at first


War News

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