Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 3

Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 3
SUNDAY POST 3 |gSgSj This week at the Cinema. Two First-Class films. „Jamaica Inn” at the Gamla. This is a superb film. Charles Laughton (was never better cast than as Squire Pen- gelien in Daphne Du Maurier’s thrilling story of the wild Cornish coas* a hundred years ago. Ex-Regency buck, Justice of the peace, witty, autocratic domineering, the Squire is a connoisseur of beautiful things — and beautiful women. But there is another side to his life, as he says “you cannot gamble at White’s club for twenty years for nothing". Just what this other side is remains a mystery until lovely Maureen O’- Hara comes as an orphan to stay with her Aunt at Jamaica Inn and then — well let it remain a mystery until you see the film. Robert Newton is the hero — or rather the Good Boy of the piece for Laughton is always the hero of all his films — while Leslie Banks as the Innkeeper does some energetic wife-beating and generally gives a good performance. Emlyn Williams, suc- cessfully transformed from a virtuous Welshman into a rascally Oornishman car- ries his ear-rings and slits his throats like a true pirate, while Basil Radford (of “Lady Vanishes” fame) is excellent in a small part. The performances are at 7 and 9 and as this cinema is bound to be even more crowded than usual it is advisable to book early. GAMLA BIO JAMAIC A INN with Charles Laughton Mauren O’Hara. Leslie Banks. Nightly 7 and 9 p. m. „Dark Victory” at the Nyja. If you feel you can stand 90 minutes of tragedy then here is one of the best tragic films Hollywood has produced. Bette Davis is the beautiful society girl condemned to blindness and death, George Brent the hand- some specialist who, unable to save her, keeps the truth from her and arranges to marry her in this film which had such tremendous succes in England. The drama is intensified when Bette finding her fiance’s office emty chances to see on his desk the report which gives her four months to live before blindness and certain death. Leaving her lover she flings herself into finding her fiance’s office empty chances more parties in which Humphrey Bogart plays a leading part. How she tires of this life and eventually finds peace is the story of her „Dark Victory". Geraldine Fitz- gerald play’s the part of Bette Davis’ girl friend while the supporting cast indudes Ronald Reagan and Henry Travers. NYJA BIO DARK VICTORY with BETTE DAVIS and GEORGE BRENT Nightly 7 and 9 p. m.


Sunday Post

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