Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 6

Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 6
6 SUNDAY POST SHOULD BRITAIN BOMB CIVILIANS. (Continued from page 5) mechanised oolumns together with the chaos created by traitors and defeatists that caused panic in Poland and France, not the bombing however severe, of open cities miles from the war zone. Even the people of Warsaw with its quite inadequate air defences after ten days bombardment by a large part of the German Air Force remained remarkably cOOl to the end. And remember this: there we'e probably as many people in Warsaw who were violently opposed to the govern- ment as there are in Berlin. It was not the government they were fighting for, but their country. It is mere wishful thinking to suppose that the Germans will prove an exception to the rule. On the other hand could not more be done in the way of direct attack on the German Government machine? Surely bombs dropped on the Wilhelmstrasse would not be wasted. Everyone would de glad to see Hitler chased from town to town across Germany by our bombers in the same way that the German Air Force pursued King Haakon and the Polish Government. After the signing of the Franco-German armistice a question in Parliament as to whether it was not true that the Government was aware that Hitler and other Nazi leaders were to be present in the railwaycarriage in the Forest of Compiegne, and if so what had the Air Force done about it, was left unanswered. If, as some think, we held back because French delegates were also to be present, surely we may ask whether there is anything in risking the lifes of French Generals in an attempt to kill Hitler that is wiorse than risking the lives of French civilians in raids on the Channel ports. The destruction of the German war £ machine, its supplies and the Government behind it: it is this that will win the war. Those who advocate wasting bombs, planes, and the lifes of our pilots on anything el sc- are either wishful thinkers or are merely indulging a blind desire for revenge, a desire that is understandable, but its indulgence like any other indulgence winch runs counter to the effective prosecution of the war — is unpatriotic. (Continued form Page 1.) -the best of health somewhere in Germany. New York apologized for this regrettable mistake, said that the story was highly im- probable and added that somebody must have seen a barrage balloon shot down. STUPEFACTION IN RUM4NIA. London, August 31st. Messages from Bucarest state that Ru- mania is mourning the loss of the Transyl- vanian provinces. The first feeling is one of stupefaction as the leaders of the country had previously declared that those districts would be defended by arms if necessary. Further, Rumania has to give the Nazis living within her borders a completely free hand. The people realise now that the go- vernment has had to submit to a Germ am ultimatum. In Hungary on the other hand the annexa- tion is being wildly celebrated all over the oountry. FLOWERS A large selection of flowers and bouquets also: Delicious Icelandic -grapes. Blomaverzlunin FL6RA Austurstrseti 7. Telephones 2039 and 5639. » SUNDAY POST is issued by S. Benediktsson publisher of Daily Post. /


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