Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 7

Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Blaðsíða 7
SUNDAY POST 7 If you wish to hear the pulsation of Iceland’s national life, listen to the songs of her poets. You cannot take back with you a better mem- ento of your Icelandic journey than the above anthology, or send a more fitting gift to your friends at home. Have a look at the book and form your own opinion. ON SALE IN ALL BOOKSHOPS. 46 GERMAN PLANES DOWN. London, to-day. Acoording to an Air Ministry communique issued later last night at least 46 German planes were destroyed yesterday. The British lost 25 planes. R. A. F BOMB BERLIN. London, to-day. Acoording to a communique from the Air Ministry issued late last night the R. A. F. have repaid with interest the raids on Lon- don. Among the targets in the Berlin area jwhich reoeived direct hits were an aircraft factory, several factories which make war materials, and four aerodromes. (Continued from Page 2). grounds for Nazi wiarplarSes in which work they were assisted by what has been described here as about a battallion of German Geologists”. Notably absent from all the shops (though now on order) is the best modern book about Iceland W. H. Auden and Louis Mac Neice’s “Letters from Iceland” which every Briton in Iceland should read .If however you are unable to obtain the book then simply read the „Midnight Sun“ every week. At its present rate it will have plagiarised the whole book within three months. Is there anything you want? You are sure to get it in cXrve^rpoo^ 5, Hafnarstraeti. Telephone 1125. English spoken. MATSTOFAN 9, ASalstrseti. Coffee, Tea, Meals, Beer, — Cigarettes and Sweets. MUSIC ALL THE DAY. N


Sunday Post

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