Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 1

Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 1
EVENING EDITION OF DAILY POST EVENING POST I — 1 Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 1941 Price: 15 aurar Adventnrous French raid on Mnrznk. London, 11 a. m. to-day. The Italian base at Murzuk, 450 miles inland from the Mediterranean coast has been raided hy a Free French camel corps, partly equipped with ar- moured vehicles. The raiders had not heen spotted by Italian planes al- though they had travelled for days to get at the town, and the Italian garri- son af 500 fled to a fort in the centre of the town and remained there while the French destroyed landing grounds, hangars, stores, huildings, aeroplanes and motor cars. When dark fell the French went away with some pri- soners having destroyed everything of military value. They sustained very small losses but their leader, a lieu- tenant-colonel, was hit by a stray bullet and killed. The Italian forces in Africa are being hard pressed on all fronts. The R.A.F. have raided Apollonia 60 miles beyond Derna. Operations in Libya continue satisfac- torily. In Eritrea the British troops are steadily closing in on Agurdat. Over 1200 Italian have so far been captured in the Eritrean campaign. The Australian Minister of War has announced that the Australian casualties at Bardia and Tobruk did not exceed 300. Unconfirmed reports of riots in Italy continue to come in from the Balkans and America. According to these reports 200 Italians had been killed in a riot in a town in North Italy. At another place the mob had attacked 3 German officers at the railway station. The officers had fired their pistols point-blank at the crowd and killed 2 persons. One officer was severely injured. Fascist police has fired at the crowds in many places killing and wound- ing numerous people. The Fascist propaganda ministry has organised workers demonstrations in Mil- an and other big towns in Italy. The work- ers are ordered to march through the streets shouting Mussolinis name. FIERCE FIGHTING IN ALBANIA- The Greek communiqué reports fierce local fighting all along the Albanian front. The Italians are still trying counter attacks using tanks, flamethrowers, and other formidable weapons but the only result has been a copious shedding of It- alian blood. Yesterday a military hospital in Sal- oniki was bombed and some villages in Macedonia. DEATH OF GENERAL METAXAS. The Greek Prime Minister, General I. Metaxas, died last night. He was horn in 1872 and became Prime Minister in 1936. LA'o .Í'L, l,ri 41.3360 JSLAkiiS


Evening Post

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