Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 4

Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 4
4 EVBNING POST ! HAVE '(OUfc YMAS P/jOTO TAKPJ noW TO IN|PRESS U.SA. FAMILY CROUP ? ^crv Axja BRITISH TRAWLERS AND MER- CHANT VESSELS DESTROY GERMAN BOMBERS. London, Jan. 28th. On Jan. 25th an enemy aircraft was engaged by three British trawlers and was seen to be repeatedly hit and damag- ed. At last the pilot jettisoned his bombs into the sea and disappeared in the mist. Two other trawlers and a drifter de-. stroyed at least 2 enemy aircraft recently. Two of the crew of one of them were res- cued but the other was shot down in flames. Anti-aircraft guns of a British mer- charít-man recently brought down an uni- dentified German plane. London, Jan. 28th. Agency correspondents describe the air base at Bomba, which is situated between Tobruk and Derna. This aerodrome was a continuous threat to British shipping un- til the R.A.F. completely destroyed it in one of t' eir fiercest attacks cn Italian aerodromes. The landing ground is now completely littered with remmants of burnt up aeroplanes and ruins of hangars and houses. The R.A.F. continue to hammer at Ital- ian bases everywhere in Africa. Last night a railway station on the line between Ag- adat and Massawa was heavily bombed. Stcres and warehouses at Assab have been bombed and set on fire and at Gora Abyssinia Italian stores and munitions v/ere bombed. No British aircraft is re- ported missing from these cperations. Published by Blaðahringurinn. Editor: S. Benediktsson. Editorial and Advertisement offices 12, Austurstræti. Teleph. 3715. Prin- ted by Alþýðuprentsmiðjan Ltd, Teleph. 4905.


Evening Post

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