Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 2

Evening Post - 29.01.1941, Blaðsíða 2
2 EVENING POST Elbasan bombed again. ■---♦--- Italian counter attaeks repelled. London, Jan. 28th. A communiqué from R.A.F. head- quarters in Athens states that yester- day Elbasan was again heavily bomh- ed. High explosive bombs fell on and among military buildings and stores in the town, causing several fires and ex- plosions. Although the raiders en- countered considerable resistance from Italian fighters, all returned safely. The Greeks report only local skirmis- hes during which some prisoners were taken. Since General Cavallero was appointed eommander-in-Chief in Albania the Itali- ans have launched a series of counter at- tacks which all have been repelled by the Greeks. ADMIRAL RAEDER SPEAKS ON U-BOAT WARFARE. London, Jan. 28th. Admiral Raeder made a speech to-day shipbuilding workers in Germany. He said that the Germans had hopes of being able to win the war by unlimited submarine warfare. Britain must break down sooner or later he said, and no help can reach her in time. But all this good work de- pended on the workers and their willing- ness to make more U-boate for the “Fath- erland“. He mentioned the British air raids on German coastal towns, which had increased lately, but said that the da- mage had been insignificant. Never once was he interrupted by cheerings or applaude not even when he mentioned Herr Hitler. TORPEDO BETTER THAN BOMB. London, Jan. 28th. A Navy spokesman has stated that when Britain in 1925 chose the torpedo rather than the bomb as the weapon of her Fleet Air Arm, this had ben a most happy decision. The torpedo had repeatedly proved its worth since then, not least at Taranto which were obsidered as the outstanding example of successful attack. But, even before Taranto torpedo carry- ing planes had carried out another attack on Italian warships and sunk four of them by four torpedoes. At the same there were occusions when dive bombing was necess- ary and all the British planes used in the Fleet A*ir Arm were excellent dive bomb- ers. One of them had no match in the world. FOUR ALERTS IN LONDON YEST- ERDAY. London, Jan. 28th. During the day enemy planes have crossed the Kentish coast several times and caused 4 alerts in the London area. The raids were short. In one residential area there was some damage but no casul- ties are reported so far. Mr. Willkie carried on in his first air raid in Britain. He made a tour of the city, looked at bombed areas, and listened to the Prime Minister speaking in the House while the sirens were sounding and anti-aircraft guns in activity. SMALL SHIPPING LOSSES LAST WEEK. London, Jan. 28th. Although shipping losses were higher ,j last week than the previous week they J are still well below the average in thia Jj


Evening Post

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