Lögberg-Heimskringla - 22.06.2001, Blaðsíða 2

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 22.06.2001, Blaðsíða 2
.. 2 • Lögberg-Heimskringla • Friday 22 June 2001 Editorials Lillian Vilborg Managing Editor Winnipeg, MB This week the Lögberg- Heimskringla had visitors from Iceland—Óli T. Jónsson, a news reporter for Stöð 2, Iceland's private television station, and a former blaða- maður (print newsman) and his wife Vilborg. After showing them around our modest digs on 5 Donald, I wanted to show them "Icelandic" Winnipeg. Armed with the 1992 Icelandic Canadian article by Eric Jonasson, we set out for the West End. After parking the car on Victor St., we first went to the Lutheran Church, and were lucky to find Pastor Michael Kurtz there. He told them the names of all the pastors who came before him—four from Iceland, one from Sweden—showed them a pic- ture of the church interior before it was remodelled in the 1960s, and answered their questions about membership and history. That was the end of any direct connection to the history of the Then we went out onto Sargent Avenue, the Icelandic "Main Street" of Winnipeg for over fifty years. By and large, the buildings are the same build- ings that were there when I was grow- ing up, and when my dad was growing up before me. Now, except for a small sign which says Skuld, Hekla, and a date on the old IOGT Hall, there is nothing to indicate that Icelanders ever talked, walked, did business, and drank coffee along this street. Óli asked me why it was that in other cities that he has visited there are distinctively Chinese areas, or Italian areas, which become permanent districts in the city. My rather lame response had to do with distinctive cuisine, or lack of same, and products to import from the mother country. What I wondered, however, as I pointed out the Wevel Cafe, the Jón Bjarnason Academy on Home Street, the buildings that housed bookstores and in which newspapers were pub- lished, was why no building has any indication of its history posted on it. Without my walking along with them, asking them to listen for the whispering Icelandic voices of the past, to imagine the signs on the buildings in Icelandic rather than the myriad of languages they are now in, to see the blonde blue eyed kids playing in the parks and on the school grounds, to see buildings, like the old Viking Press building which is no longer there on Sargent and Banning, there would be no way for them to see a bit of the history of the Icelandic community in Winnipeg. I didn't have time to take them fur- ther east where the pre late 1890s Icelandic settlers lived. I know from the article that I carried in my hand that the house where Laura Goodman Salverson was born lies on Bushnell Street. I imagine that it does not have a mark on it, either, even though she is as deserv- ing of recognition as other well known writers who have houses and monu- ments and library collections in their honour. She twice won the Governor General's award for literature, the high- est honour a Canadian author can receive! For some reason, when Icelanders come to Winnipeg, I think they will want to see the past. I wonder if there isn't some way that we could help them do that. A historic stroll, based on this excellent article by Eric, with well- known sites marked, would be a start. The stroll could be outlined in a pam- phlet and accompanied by a tape, like they do in the old city of Québec. Or a little booklet could be developed, with a stroll map, some of the writings on the area, like the piece John Mathiasson did on the West End of the 1940s and 50s, when the Rose Theatre and Jack St. John Drugstore's soda fountain and the pool hall on Sargent and Arlington were gath- ering places. Or the city could be asked to name some of the sites as historic sites with markers on them. Or, or, or ... This sounds like a project—a big project. Now I wonder who might take it on? Letters to the Editor JJ0 Dear David: I read with interest (as I always do) your column in Skoðunar, in L-H of June 1, 2001.1 think you hit the prover- bial nail exactly where it was intended to be hit with your musings on "What is Tcelandic'?" I only hope certain indi- viduals I could but won't name took MESSUBOÐ Fyrsta Lúterska Kirkja Pastor Michael Kurtz 10:30 a.m.TheService First Lutheran Church 580 Victor St., Winnipeg R3G 1R2 Ph. 772-7444 note. I am fortunate to have an Icelandic family name and I'm certain- ly not ashamed of my Icelandic roots. But I'm not of Icelandic background on my mother's side. It often galls me when some people simply assume, because of your last name, that you must owe everything of personal value to your "Icelandic" connection. I am also of Dutch and native extraction. Should I disregard that side of my fam- ily completely? Of course not, nor will I disavow my Canadian identity. I'm proud to be a Canadian although I do not think I will be asked to make any beer commercials. I'm not always happy with Canada's political "fence- sitting" but I still consider myself fortu- nate to have been born in this country. So, damn it, as Popeye says, "I yam what I yam!" Thanks again for putting things in Minnist BETEL ÍERFÐASKKÁMYÐAR perspective. Bill Helgason Winnipeg, MB To the Editor: I love reading the Lögberg- Heimskringla and find it has greatly improved in every area. I have to say I "devour" it as soon as it arrives as it keeps me connected to all the things I hold dear, including my heritage. Keep up the good work! Hulda Clarke White Rock, BC To the Editor: So far, I enjoy it the way it is—it has considerable variety and includes all of the Icelandic community. Pretty tall order! 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