The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 3
Big changes coming next year Icelandic govt, changes procedures g^ov Navy movie distribution system r F . 44 ^B^ There are some big changes in the mill for movie fans at Andrews It will become easie ^"^sy. There are Theater. According to a CNO message received earlier this month, the motion picture service now being provided to ships and shore activities will be revised next year* This an- ---------------------------------- nouncement nullifies reported plans for Andrews Theater to be-r gin charging 25c per movie about mid-November. The charges are coming, but now it is projected for February 1972 instead of next month. Here's what this 25« will mean to the viewing public. The quarter will be split with half being retained locally and the other half going to the Bureau of Naval Personnel to help defray an additional $2.5 million cost of the motion picture program* The program is already costing $5.5 million. The charge for mov- ies here will mean that all films lade will be made available for jewing at Andrews. Another advantage to the new iystem is that there will be more films and newer ones than the pre- sent program. Additionally there will be an increase of 50 percent in the number of new films available to the Navy for distribution, and an additional 1,000 older features will become available through the Navy Motion Picture Exchanges. No door-to-door school bus services Many parents have raised ques- tions whether the school bus can make door-to-door stops during inclement weather this winter. Regretfully, the Transporta- tion Department cannot do this because the children would never get to school on time because of the extra time involved to make the extra stops. By the same to- ken, door-to-door stops would also cause children to be extremely late returning home. On days when the weather is severe, parents are asked to es- cort children to the bus stops and meet them in the afternoon when school is over. It will become easier next week to remove items from the base which require a Form 44. The government of Iceland's approval of a revised procedures will allow authorized personnel to remove Form 44 items from the base immediately after they are purchased on base or received through the U. S. postal system. Effective Monday (Oct. 25), personnel holding a residence pass may take off electrical i- tems, photographic equipment, pow- er tools, phonograph records and recording tapes, and all non-con- sumable Navy Exchange or mail or- der items costing more than $10 without having to wait the three to ten days which has been re- quired to obtain approval from the Icelandic Customs Service. Three copies of revised IDF Form 5840/44 will be prepared and taken to the Icelandic Customs Authorities at the Njardvik Gate Icelandic Police Station. The form will be stamped and dated there. Two copies will be retain- ed by customs, and the individual will keep one. With this copy, (See FORMS, Page 10) Games.....prizes.....jun for everyone Plan to attend the pTO fla»gaT flai^1 on Saturday Oct 30 See story Page 12 ._____: WHITE FALCON


The White Falcon

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