The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 4
A. STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE—Adventure (G). The spaceship Enterprise is sent on a dangerous mission to lo- cate an alien force heading toward earth and apparently threatening mankind with destruction. Stars William Shat- ner and Leonard Nimoy. (132 min.) B. THE LAST MARRIED COUPLE IN AMERICA—Comedy (R). George Segal and Natalie Wood are a wedded couple living in afflu- ence in Los Angeles. All around them their friends are heading for the divorce courts. (102 min.) C. CRIME BUSTERS—Action comedy (PG). Accidentally enrol- led as police recruits, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, are ready for action. They are a pair of car-crashing, woman- izing, rough-mouthed good guys on the beat in Miami, Flori- da. (115 min.) P. ONCE IN PARIS—Comedy drama (PG). Wayne Rogers ar- rives in Paris to work on a film and is encouraged by a chauffeur to have an affair with Gayle Hunnicut. The af- fair is ended when Hunnicut and the chauffeur spend the night together. (99 min.) E. COACH—Comedy (PG). Cathy Lee Crosby, a former Olympic Gold Medalist in track, is a health spa instructor. She gets a job as a high school basketball coach, shows the team how to win, and win they do. Also stars Michael Biehn and Keenan Wynn. (102 min.) F. OUR WINNING SEASON—Comedy drama (PG). Scott Jacoby is a member of his high school track team but can never beat the team's star, Robert Wahler. The story focuses on Jac- oby and his friends' adolescent growing pains. (100 min.) G. CITIZEN'S BAND—Comedy drama (PG). CB enthusiast Paul Le Mat lives on a run down farm with his slightly crazy fa- ther. Le Mat and his brother, Bruce McGill, are rivals for the affections of Candy Clark. Le Mat and Clark are wed in a CB ceremony. (103 min.) Also stars Ann Wedgeworth. K. MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS—Action drama (R). When Johnny Barrows (Fred Williamson) returns home after being dishon- orably discharged, the adulation of the town has vanished. Mario Racconi (Stuart Whitman), in a rival Mafia family, and an old buddy of Johnny's, tries to persuade him to turn ^.nto the family's hitman. (85 min.) I. THE BLACK HOLE—Science-fiction (PG). The crew of a spaceship called Palomino has been on a long search for alien life and discovers a huge black hole. Cast includes Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins and Yvette Mimieux. (98 min.) J. CARDIAC ARREST—Horror-Drama (PG). A San Francisco homicide police officer is assigned to investigate a series of macabre murders. (94 min.) Stars Dave McElhatton and Garry Goodrow. K. CON ARTISTS—Comedy (PG). During the 1930's, Anthony Quinn swindles Capucine, a wealthy owner of a gambling den afloat. (87 min.) Also stars Corrine Clery. I.. GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK—Drama (PG) . Chuck Norris is the leader of the Black Tigers, a U.S. Army special forces unit charged with rescuing POWs from behind enemy lines. (99 min.) Also stars Anne Archer. teniae M. F.I.S.T.—Drama (PG). Sylvester Stallone fights hack against the intolerable conditions in the teamster union and eventually ends up as the Federation of Interstate Truckers' president. Also stars Rod Steiger. (131 min.) N. THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES—Comedy (PG) . Steven Guttei] looks forward to graduation and making love with his| friend, Lisa Reeves. He works at Chicken on the restaurant owned by Phil Silvers. (116 min.) 0. THE SWARM—Horror-drama (PG). A swarm of killer bees from Africa terrorizes the United States' Southwest, attac- king picnickers, helicopters and personnel in an under- ground missile silo. (116 min.) Stars Michael Caine and Katherine Ross. p. DIAMONDS FOR BREAKFAST—Comedy (PG). A crime comedy dealing with a descendant of the Russian Royal Family who comes up with the idea of robbing the Russian Crown Jewels while they are on display in an English Castle. (108 min.) Stars Marcello Mastroianni and Rita Tushingham. R. THE PRIZE FIGHTER—Comedy (PG). Tim Conway, an unex- perienced boxer, who is trained by Don Knotts, becomes involved in fighting again after the two were fired as managers of a has-been fighter. (99 min.) S. DEFIANCE—Drama (PG). Jan Michael Vincent is a down and out merchant seaman who has had his union card taken away for fighting. His neighborhood is terrorized by gang and he takes action to make the area safer. (103 min.) Also stars Theresa Saldana. T. SCAVENGER HUNT—Comedy (PG). A contemporary comedy, into which has been incorporated a little Chaplin, a little Laurel and Hardy and a lot of Mack Sennett. Stars Richard Benjamin and James Coco. (116 min.) U. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF—Musical drama (G) . Based on the the story concerns a poor Jewish farmer the century in a small "Ukranian village, daughters, his lame horse, his relationship with God. (1A9 3 oase- Lsf its. Broadway musical, at the turn of with his five dowry-less wife and his companionable min.) V. HERE COME THE TIGERS—Comedy (PG) . Little League base- ball team, the Piddleton Tigers is a haven for misfi Their season begins poorly, but through the acquisit a small oriental home run hitter and a death pitche turn the season around. (97 min.) Stars Richard Li' and James Zvanut. W. HEAVEN CAN WAIT—Fantasy comedy (PG). Warren Beatty, a football quarterback for the rams, is killed in an acci- dent before his scheduled time. He is allowed to return to earth in a series of different bodies while retaining his original personality. Also stars Julie Christie. (108 min.) X. RETURN TO BOGGY CREEK—Horror drama (G) . A photogra- pher is anxious to get pictures of Big Foot in the Louis- iana area. He hires a guide and they set out through the swamps followed by three adventurous childrer. (92 min.) Stars Dawn Wells and Dana Plato. Y¦ WIZARDS—Animated fantasy (PG). This cartoon feature from now with wizards rul- depicts earth ten million ing. (103 min.) AA. THE LEGEND OF THE NORTHWEST—Adventure (G) . No syn- opsis available. Stars Marshall Reed and Joey Young. (86 min.) years r—Sched u 1 o L» 'G' rated * No movie schedulec I Andrew. To p of Wind- 'O' Rock- Grindy Marine Hofn All ages admitted - General audiences. Theater th e Rock break >r Club ville Club Club B-3 Children under seven must be accom- N » VO h -vj NJ ^J ^j ro ^i (ji ~j ro -g panied by an ID holder. O OJ o o o o o o o o LJ O O O o o o o OO o o o o 'PG' rated Today * K I J A A A A A M * A A A R All ages admitted - Parental guidance SaturdayAA M P L A B * A I I * K A A S suggested. Children under seven must Sunday A I 0 * D K * E * J A M G G T be accompanied by an ID card holder. Monday * G J * A A A C A K * L A p U 'R' rated ^m Tuesday AIL* K * G A A N A P * J V Wednesday* R N * A A A M * L * J * I w Restricted - Persons under 17 mustfl Thursday X (***) G * D H * 0 * I A M X accomDanied bv Darent or adult 'ruai^B Friday (***) w A A A A * S * K A A Y ian. H ***T0PS IX BLUE perf orms at Andrews on Thursday and Fr Lday at 7 30 p.m 1


The White Falcon

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