Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Síða 1

Sunday Post - 01.09.1940, Síða 1
5UHDRY POST 1 — 1 Sunday, September 1st 1940 Price: 25 aurar Fierce air fighting over England yesterday. ------+. . 38 Geriran planes brought down. London, August 31st. There has been fierce air fighting over England to-day. It is known so far that 38 German planes have been shot down. 16 British planes are missing, but 11 of the pilots are safe. The fighting began at 7 O’clock this morning when large formations of enemy aircraft came in over the south coast and the Thames estuary. They were met by British fighters who soon dispersed them and a large formation was broken1 up by anti-aircraft fire. A few bombers suc- ceeded in getting over the London area and a single flyer dived down and machine- gunned the people in the streets of a London suburb. Several bombs fell and a few houses were damaged, but there are few casualties. No news of any serious damage to aero- dromes has so far been received. One enemy squadron made a daring attack on barrage balloons at Dover and succeeded in bringing one of them down. (Late this afternoon the fourth air raid warning of the day was sounded in London. FOUR AIR RAID WARNINGS IN LONDON YESTERDAY. London, August 31st. (Although a considerable number of enemy aircraft took part in last nights raid on London only a few of them reached the city. Several houses in one area were damaged and two persons were killed by a direct hit on an Anderson shelter. In another area where there were a large numbers of Ger- man refugees considerable damage was done and several persons injured. The attacks lasted 61/2 hours. \ J [Lands!. Although this was London’s most trying raid so far the people came out smiling this morning. There were raids in several other parts of the country. 62 GERMAN PLANES DOWN ON FRIDAY. London, August 31st. A communique from the Air Ministry sta- tes that in yesterday’s battles at least 62 German planes were brought down. The British lost 25 planes, but 15 of the pilots are safe. SABOTAGE IN BELGIUM. London, August 31st. The German controlled Radio Brussels announced yesterday that acts of sabotage had been done in a certain district in Bel- gium. The inhabitants were threatened with reprisals. All Belgian ex-soldiers living in three communes in this district are to be imprisoned and if the culprits are not found further reprisals will be taken. — There is news of disturbances in Czechoslovakia and rumours that the Germans are. going to in- corporate that country. GOERING - OR BARRAGE BALLOON? London, August 31st. A New York story tells that Goering had been in a German plane which was shot down over South England. His body had been brought to London for identification. On hearing this story the Germans became very indignant and immediately announced that Herr Reichsmarschall Goering was in


Sunday Post

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