Lögberg-Heimskringla - 02.10.1975, Blaðsíða 3

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 02.10.1975, Blaðsíða 3
LÖGBERG-HEIMSKRINGLA, FIMMTUDAGINN 2. OKTÓBER 1975 THE THINGVALLA SETTLEMENT IN SASKATCHEWAN Business and Proiessionai Cards On the occasion of the 90-year anniversary of settlement in the Thingvalla community near Churchbridge, Sask., Mrs. Ward presented this brief review of the settlement's past, based on a history compiled by the late Helgi Arnason, one of its earliest pioneers. —Ed. The settlement was located 250 miles northwest of Win- nipeg, in that area of the District of Assiniboia, North- West Territories, which be- came Saskatchewan when the two prairie provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, were established in 1905. One Helgi Jónsson, who operated a store at Shell- mouth, Man., was instru-. mental in dealing with the F e d e r a 1 Government in choosing the location for the new settlement. The railroad had not yet reached this far west, but was intended to cross the As- siniboine River at Shell- mouth about 18 miles east of there. This was changed and it crossed at Millwood, 15 miles farther to the south. In 1885 the first Icelandic settler took a homestead in the colony named Thingvilla. He was followed by two other families in the winter of 1886. During that year more families followed. The settlers disembarked at the end of steel at Solsgirth, Man., some 60 miles to the Selur úr Karabíska- hafinu fannst á Stokksnesfjörir FRANSKUR dýrafræðingur að nafni Roger De La Grandi- ére, sem kominn er til Horna- fjarðar til háhyrningsveiða, var í gaer fenginn til að Hta á hinn furðulega sel, sem fannst á Stokksnesfjörum á laugar- daginn. Var það úrskurður hans, að þetta væri selur af tegund ' „munkasela" (monk seal) og að öllum líkindum kominn með golfstraumnum frá Karabfska hafinu, en Frakkinn sagðist ekki vita bet- ur en þessi selategund væri mjög sjaldgæf ef ekki nær al- dauðá. Morgunblaóið hafði i gær samband við Finn Guðmunds- son hjá dýrafræðideild Náttúrugripasafnsins. Finhur sagði, að ef greining Frakkans á selnum væri rétt væri hér á ferðinni hin merkasta sela- tegund. Sagðist Finnur hafa gert ráðstafanir til þess að selurinn yrði djúpfrystur og síðan sendur til Reykjavíkiir með fyrstu ferð til skoðunar. Nýtt símonúmcr Lögbergs- Heimskringlu 247-7798 southeast, and had to travel that distance by horses or oxen to their prospective lands. By the winter of 1886 the railroad had reached Lang- enburg, a new German set- tlement east of Thingvalla. Here the people dealt for necessities, and in 1887 the aforementioned Helgi Jóns- son moved his business from She]Jmout)h to Langenburg. This must have been a boon to the Icelanders, many of whom 'spoke little or no English. The winter of 1886T87 saw some 23 Icelandic families settled in the colony. Their homes were at first very small and poor, being erect- ed hastily before winter set in. However, during the win- ter, the men got out logs to build permanent h o m e s . There were few large trees in the vicinity and logs had to be sought as far away as east of Roblin, Man. Then some of them were taken to Assesippi, Man., 25 miles east of the settlement, to be sawn into rough lumber. In th'e spring of 1887 there were only eight pair of oxen in the settlement, and the lucky owners shared them with their neighbors. During 1887 a number of English- speaking people moved into the surrounding areas, and some of the Icelanders found employment helping to build their homes, and doing vari- ous other kinds of work. They also sold the newcom- ers some hay. A few Ice- landers also worked on the railroad, which was steadily moving w e s t w a r d . The wages were low, but the cash was a welcome addition to their scanty resources. In^the fall of 1887 meet- ings were held concerning the building of a school. Dur- ing the winter logs were cut and in Mardh, 1888, the building commenced. The site of the school was some five miles northeast of the present site of Churchbridge. It was No. 108 and named Thingvalla School. No loans were taken, but the railroad gave a grant of $100.00. A teacher, Miss Guðný Jóns- dóttir, was engaged and in- struction began that sum- mer. In January, 1888, Thing- valla Lutheran Congregation was formed, with 36 people signing up as members. At subsequent metings others ioined, and in October, 1888, the first service was con- ducted in the school house by the late Rev. Jón Bjarna- son. He baptized 22 children, married eight couples and consecrated the Thingvalla cemetery, which is about three miles northeast of Churchbridge. Since minis- ters could only visit the com- munity occasionally, meet- ings were held in various homes, where sermons were read, p r a y e r s said an read, p r a y e r s said and hvmns sung. In 1891 the Icelanders built a community hall \Vz miles north of the cemetery. Here people gathered for many community affairs — dances, meetings, ohurch services and other activities concern- ing the community. Icelanders settled north and west of Thingvalla, and the north colony was called Lögberg, while the whole settlement was referred to as the Thingvalla-Lögberg dis- trict. Lögberg built a church and had a cemetery of their own. In 1901 Concordia Cqn_- gregation was' formed and a church built in 1903-04. Later a community hall was built near this church, and the old Thingvalla hall abandoned since it was no longer cen- tral to the settlement. A small church was built in 1910 at the site of the Thing- valla Cemetery. Later the Thingvalla and Concordia Congregations were joined into one. Both cemeteries are still used, but Concordia Church has been moved to Church- bridge and the congregation joined by the Peace Luth- eran Congregation. Many of the settlement's young people have gone on from its schools to higher education and to professional careers — become clergymen, lawyers, teachers, doctors and nurses, with one judge and cne R h o d e s scholar among them. In two world wars, many of its young people joined the forces and served their country. Quite a number did not return. They are not for- gotten. Those who live here now ean scarcely picture or feel the hardships the early com- ers suffered and conquered to hold this heritage for fu- ture generations. Two close neighbors to the south were the Hólar settle- ment near tbe town of Tan- tállon and the Vallar settle- ment near Gerald. In these communities t h e e a r 1 y Thingvalla settlers had many friends and relatives, as this generation still has. They were near enough to eaoh other to exchange oc- casional visits. Þjóðræknisfélag íslendinga í Vesturheimi FORSETI: STEFAN J. STEFANSON, 37 Macklin Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2V 2M4 Sryxkið félagið og deildir þess, með þvi aS gerasi meðlimir. Ársgjald: EINSTAKLINGAR $3.00 — HJÓN $5'.00 Sendið ársgjöld til gjaldkera ykkar eigin deilda, eða til Fjármálaritara, Mrs. KRISTÍNAR R. JOHNSON, 1059 Dominion St., Winnipeg, Man., R3É 2P3 Phone: 783-3971 Building Mechanics Ltd. Pomtinq - Dccoratinq - Comtruction Renovoting • Rcel Estotc K W (BILL^ JOHANNSON Manager 910 Palmerston Ave.. Winnipeg H3G ÍJS A. S. BARDAL LTD. FUNERAL HOME 343 Sherbrook Street Selur líkkistur og annast um útfarir. Allur útbúnaður sá bezti Stofnað 1894 774-7474 Goodman and Kojima Electric llectricol Contracton 640 McGee Streel, , Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 1W8 Phone: 774-5549 ARTHUR GOODMAN M. KOJIMA Evenings and Holiday* 774-7855 ESTIMATES FREE J. M . Ingimundson Re-foof, Aspholt Shmgies. Roof Repairs, • Insrall Vents, Insulation ond EovestrouQhing. 774-7855 632 Simcoo $t.. Winnipeg J. M«n. Selkirk Funeral Chapel Ltd. 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