Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 2

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 2
2 • Lðgberg-Heimskringla * Friday 3 June 2005 Iceland's Minister of Fisheries Arni M. Mathiesen visits New Iceland Árni M. Mathiesen was in Manitoba to open "Icelandic Fisheries: the Past 100 Fisherman Robert T. Kristjanson has físhed for about 60 years on Lake Win- Years." Stefan J. Stefanson and Consul General Atli Asmundsson were on hand. nipeg. He had a long talk with Iceland's Minister of Fisheries. Finds íishermen alike in Iceland and Manitoba Steinþór Guðbjartsson Gimli, MB During his brief visit to Manitoba, Árni M. Mathiesen, Iceland's Minister of Fisheríes, found many similarities between fishermen of Icelandic descent on Lake Winnipeg and Icelandic fishermen. "Those who are part of the fishing industry are very much alike and they present similar views," he said. Árni M. Mathiesen was in Manitoba to open the exhibit "Icelandic Fisheries: the Past 100 Years." "The modest exhibition that we have put together for you here is meant to explain to those interested Iceland its his- tory and livelihood, the story of our century of change: the 20th century," he said. "During the Subscribe now to L-H — the perfect investment in your icelandic heritage Q Canada $48.15 price includes GST Q Manitoþa$51.30 price includes GST& PST Q USA, International $81 CAD Q Online subscription $45 CAD An online subscription is available FREE to all print subscribers. Call ore-mail for details. Q Donation in addition to subscription $. r?l> (Canada Charitable Reg. 10337 3635 RR) Name Address _ CityfTown E-mail___ Phone___ Prov/State. Post/ZIPCode. Fax Q Cheque Q. Money Order Qmc Qvisa Qamex Card Number (payable to Lögberg-Heimskringla, Inc.) Cardholder_____________________ I | Expiration Date ! I Phone Mail Cheque or Money Order to: Lögberg-Heimskringla Inc. 100-283 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B5 Canada Tel: (204) 284-5686 Fax: (204) 284-7099 Toll-free: 1-866-564-2374 (1-866-LOGBERG) last 100 years it can be said that revenues from fishing have cata- pulted Iceland from being one of Europe's poorest countries to a modern and affluent society. "The first trawler owned by Icelanders, the steam trawler Coot, was delievered in March 1905 and laid the basis for a pe- riod of marked progress in ma- rine fishing." The Minister met Manitoba Premier Gary Doer and Senator Janis Johnson, among others. He visited the Icelandic Collection at the University of Manitoba and toured New Iceland, where he was greeted by farmers and fishermen of Icelandic descent. "The people I met are outstand- ing," he said. Many people surprised the Minister by speaking to him in Icelandic. He said that he had heard about this, but hearing it was something else entirely. "If I had met the same people at the dock or at a roundup in Iceland First Lutheran Church 580 Victor Strect Winnipeg R3G 1R2 204-772-7444 www.mts.net/~flcwin *SKSfr Worship with us Sundays 10:30 a.m. Pastor Michael Kurtz mmmr M % mfL 1* * ¦ Brynjolfur Helgi Sigurgeirsson, or "Binni" as he is called, showed the Minister places of interest at Hecla Island. I would have assumed that they lived in Iceland." He was also surprised how many were in daily contact with Iceland. "I even met people who had just come back from Ice- land, where they had been in touch with people I have been in touch with during the last few weeks." The Minister said that Ice- landers remembered with grati- tute how Icelandic descendants contributed to Iceland's modern society at the beginning of the ARGYLE Transfer Ltd. Specializing in livestock transportation fff Wally & Linda Finnbogason Stonewall, MB Wally 467-8822 Mobile 981-1666 Daryl 322-5743 Mobile 981 -5460 20th century by putting money into an Icelandic shipping com- pany and thereby ensuring that shipping to and from the country would be in the hands of Ice- landers themselves. "With great foresight and generosity many later gave their shares to the University Fund in Iceland, and that fund amounted to approximately $40 million CAD in the beginning of this year. Icelanders will never forget this generosity." Árni M. Mathiesen de- scribed the Icelandic quota sys- tem and the management sys- tem. "The ideology behind the Icelandic quota system is simple. Dividing up the catch among in- dividual fishing vessels prevents the wasted fishing effort nor- mally associated with unfettered competition for a finite number of fish. The decision to allow the transfer of quotas from one vessel to another increases the cost-effectiveness of fishing and allows greater operational flex- ibility. Finally, since the system is market-based, the need for centralized decisions by govern- ment regulators is minimized." Visit us on the web at http:llwww.lh-inc.ca



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