Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 6

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 6
6 • Lögberg-Heimskringla • Friday 3 June 2005 Destination Rebuilding the Fensala Hall Kathleen Raines Manager, Historic Markerville Creamery Markerville, AB Fensala Hall is the oldest continuously operating com- munity hall in Alberta. By the turn of the 21st century, though, it was becoming ap- parent that without upgrading, this heritage building would have to close. The Stephan G. Stephansson Icelandic Society, owners and operators of the Historic Markerville Creamery, undertook a feasibility study and committed to the restora- tion of thehall. The Icelandic settlement of Tindastoll was over a decade old and thriving by 1900. The Ladies' Aid Society, Vonin, spearheaded a drive to build a social centre in the growing community, renamed Marker- ville in 1903. Later that same year, a group of 46 settlers came together to form the Fen- sala Stock Company Limited, contributing $237 to build a community hall on the banks of the Medicine River. The original Fensala Hall (named for the home of the Norse goddess Frigga) was a 24' x 40' frame building which became the community's social and cultural gathering place, hosting musical and theatrical productions, dances, traveling Chataqua shows, the annual Tombola bazaar and family cel- ebrations. In the 1920s an addition housing a stage with two wings for kitchen and storage areas was placed to the north of the existing hall. Designation as a Provincial Historic Resource in 2003 en- sured that the building would Marie Sveinson, Chair of the Fundraising Committee, and her husband Ken Sveinson, take a break in the Fensala Hall, which will be reopned later this summer. Stan and Helen Johannson have spent many hours working as volunteers on restoring the Fensala Hall. Helen will be crowned Alberta's fjallkona on June 18. be preserved, but it also meant that an addition, incorporating kitchen, washrooms, storage and new mechanical services would have to be built to enable the original hall to be restored to its 1920s condition. Just as in 1903, volunteers have come together to build the newly restored Fensala Hall as it prepares for The Second Hun- dred Years. The $316,650 proj- ect, broken into four phases, commenced in 2001 and is now moving into the final stages with the completion of the addition and the interior and exterior restoration of the historic hall. Outstanding support from the community, corporate donors and partner Icelandic societies in Calgary and Edmonton have matched grants received from the Alberta Historical Resourc- es Foundation, CommunityTni- tiatives Program, Community Facility Enhancement Program and The Red Deer and District Community Foundation. Volunteers have contribut- ed hundreds of hours planning and executing this huge project — raising funds, hammering nails, dismantling and reassem- bling the old structures, hauling materials, cooking for the work crews, developing a business and operation plan for the new hall and countless other tasks. It is a massive undertaking for a small community, and one we commit to with pride. IBPO tJiivíng Crowth BDO Dunwoody llp Chartered Accountaivts and Advísors Eric Stefanson, FCA Regional Managing Partner Manitoba 800-200 portage avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba T: 204.926.7200 F: 204.926.7206 www.bdo.ca Every klnd of flag Imaglnablg... VISIT OUR SHOWROOM FOH YOUR »* ICEIANDICFIAG *- FLAGS OF ALL NATIONS »- PROVINCIAL AND STATE FLAGS •»¦ PINS. CRESTS, DECALS 1». FLAGPOLES & ACCESSORIES W CUSTOM-SEWN OR PRINTED FLAGS / BANNERS 1195 Pembina Highway Winnipeg,Manttoba H3T2A5 Tet: (204) 452-2689 Fax: (204) 452-2701 ToBFroe 1-800-260-3713 rm PLansHBP OR GUÐBJARTSS0N Makes replicas of old houses Leslie Johnson is a busy man, but in his spare time he makes replicas of old historical houses in Markerville. To date he has built 19 houses, and among them are a replica of the library, the first Iibrary in Alberta, and Stephansson House. "I like doing the replicas and that'is one way of pre- serving the heritage," he says. His replicas are on a display at the Markerville Cream- ery. Visit us on the web at http://www.lh-inc.ca



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