The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 9

The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 9
• Volunteers for ed Cross set monthly record • A one-month record 505 liours were served by Red Cross volun- teers during October., according to Mrs. Linda Boles, chairman of volunteers on the NATO base. Volunteer of the month was Mrs. Sandra Pierce, who served 42 1/2 hours. She is the wife of SM/Sgt. James P. Pierce of the 932nd AC6.W Squadron at Rockville. Serving 10 or more hours were: Karol Nolte, 42; Karen Belvin, 39 1/2; Sherry Garcia, 32 1/2; Marjorie Multer, 20; Marilee Friend, 19; Janelle Faulkner, 18 1/2; Pat Remley, 18 1/2;' Mary Thome, 16; Kdie Bcaulieu, 15 1/2; Emiko Kruekner, 15; Ila Swartz, 14 1/2; Milly Dickens, 14; Helen Collins, 13; Susan Meyer, 12 1/2; Shirley Clemmons, 12; Sue Ulrich, 11 1/2; Ley Bragg, 11; and Sandy Gray with 10 hours. Others serving during October were: Sherry Bean, Beling, Arlene Benson, Linda Boles, Ver- onica Boudreaux, Claudie Burgess, ary Bushey, Pamela Catanzano, yce Daves, Bettie Dondlinger, aylo Ehlers, Marty Gains, Wendy Held, Jean Johansen, Lynne Lynn, Dolores McLaurin, Linda Morgan, Jean Redmond, Ona Strand, Nancy Wilson and Susan McLaurin, (Jun- ior Red Cross). Fresh produce to be here for Thanksgiving In order to insure a better chance for commissary patrons to have fresh produce for Thanksgiv- ing, arrangements have been made to reschedule the produce ship- ment for next week one day early. This means that fresh produce, a- long with sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt will hopefully arrive Tuesday night for sale Wednesday. In the event bad weather does not permit the arrival of the flight until Wednesday night, the commissary plans to open between 10 a.m. until noon on Thanksgiv- ing Day. This will give all pat- rons a chance to have fresh pro- duce for Thanksgiving dinner. Listen to AFRS Wednesday or 11 the commissary at Ext. 4223 r last minute produce informa- tion. WIIITI- 1AI.CON "IT'S HAPPENING IN KEFLAVIK" "IT'S HAPPENING IN KKKiAVIiC", a new article added to the White Falcon, will be written weekly to inform naval station personnel on the happenings around the NATO base, such as future club meetings, current and future events and simple, informative facts. If your club or organization would like to make a contribution to "IT'S HAP- PENING IN KEFLAVIK," just deliver the information to the White Falcon office, located in Bldg. T-44 or call Ext. 4195. The holiday season has approached and naval station personnel will be busy making preparations for Thanksgiving dinners and parties shortly. Also, base clubs and organizations will be making plans for other holiday celebrations and get-togethers. THANKSGIVING SERVICES: The base Chaplains wish to inform naval station personnel that a special community Thanksgiving Day Service for all faiths will be held in the station chapel at 11 a.m.. Thanks- giving Day. FILIPINO DELICACIES: NATO base residents will have the opportun- ity to sample Filipino delicacies such as sariwa lumpia and help play Santa Claus to Icelandic orphans at the same time. The Bayanihan Servicemen's Association, composed of 22 Filipino families and about 45 single Filipinos serving in Keflavik, will be serving dishes of their homeland from noon until 3 p.m. tomorrow in the chapel annex. Adults' plates are SI.50 and childrens' are 75 cents. Part of the proceeds received from the sale will go to the annual IDF Christmas program of buying toys and gifts for distribu- tion to orphanages in Iceland. Other delicacies offered tomorrow in- clude fried egg roll, pansip, paito and copchinta. RADIO STATION NEEDS PEOPLE: American Forces Radio here needs peo- ple. In fact, the station may go off the air at night if replace- ments for soon-to-leave staff members can't be found. Both full-time and part-time people are needed. The radio station is looking for people who have worked in radio before, but will train promising new-comers if necessary. Applicants should have a clear speaking voice, and a good, all-around knowledge of music. If you are interested, make an appointment for an audition with Station Manager, J02 Tom Wiecks as soon as possible. Calls will be taken at Ext. 4193 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays. PT0 BUSINESS MEETING: The A.T. Mahan School Parent-Teacher Organ- ization will hold a business meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the new school. Two important items on the agenda are discussion and appro- val of the annual budget and consideration of a suggestion that the PTO offer to sponsor the Keflavik Teen Club. All PTO members and prospective new members are urged to attend this important meeting. NAVY EXCHANGE INFO: Early this week the price of gasoline at the Navy Exchange Service Station was reduced from 24 cents to 21.9 cents per gallon. Says the Navy Exchange Officer, "This reflects another move by your Navy Exchange to provide the customer with the best pos- sible service at the most practical cost." He also said, "The Navy Exchange Main Retail Stores will be open for your convenience on Thanksgiving Day; so after you have enjoyed that big turkey dinner, or even before, why not spend some time shopping at your Exchange Re- tail Store and Toyland. We are stocked with a large selection of gifts for the whole family. Don't wait until the last minute—Buy that special one a gift now." MASONIC CLUB MEETING: The Northern Lights Masonic Club will hold its monthly noon meeting Nov. 22 in the 56 Club. All members and in- terested Masons are urged to attend. The order of business at this meeting will be the election of club officers. 9


The White Falcon

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