The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 05.12.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Become involved--give to ceDeFor Christmas Fund (Story by YNC James Faulkner) The IceDeFor Christmas Fund is a unique opportunity for all of us serving in the Defense Force to demonstrate our concern and interest in the Icelandic com- munity. Our Christmas Fund Drive is not a charity; it is an oppor- tunity to become personally in- volved with the people of Iceland. Presently our Christmas Fund assists nine institutions. Since the names of the institutions are a bit difficult for us to manage, let's just Itemize their special- ities. There is an institution for the deaf and the mute; a society for the blind; four in- stitutions for the mentally handi- capped; one home for indigent children; a society for assisting alcoholics end newly released prisoners; the Catholic family out- reach; and the Salvation Army. All these institutions have highly skilled professionals who give outstanding care to those who are in need of help. The IceDeFor Christmas Fund assists them to get certain items for extra programs that cannot be provided because of budget restrictions. The IceDeFor Chaplain meets with representatives of each institution on a regular basis to determine needs and how we can best assist them. To one group we are giving tools for their workshop; to another a specialized camera and developing paper for a photography class; to another some bicycles; and food for Christmas meals to the Salvation Army, the Catholic Bishop and Vernd. Your Christmas Fund contribution is used in a positive and practical manner. It indicates to the Ice- landic neighbors that we care and offers us the very real opportunity to be of service to our fellow man. If you wish more information or would like to become personally involved, call Chaplain Schade at 4211 or CDR Gott, IceDeFor (J-l) at 4682. Remember your contribution is appreciated because it brings added opportunities for learning and happiness to others. WHITE Keflavik, Iceland December 5, 1980 Volume 23, Number 48 FALCON VCNO J. Watkins visits NATO Base Admiral James D. Watkins, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, paid a brief visit to the NATO Base November 26. He took time out to address some 50 personnel from various Keflavik commands. Admiral Watkins expressed opti- mism about the future of the Navy. "It's an exciting time for the Navy," Admiral Watkins said. "The nation accepts that the Navy is the strong arm of U.S. defense and we are finally getting the recognition that we deserve from the American people." awa p He said there has been a new awakening about the importance of e military since Vietnam and now gress is beginning to show its pport. "There have been more compensation-type bills passed in the last two months than in the last 15 years," Admiral Watkins stated. "Our troops are spread pretty thin and the new compen- sation benefits will help greatly to keep career people in and to improve our total readiness." During his talk, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, Admiral Watkins stressed the importance of the NATO Base here. "You are not isolated," the Admiral said, "and the information you provide is vital for world security. It's a sensitive area and vital for NATO. "The '80s are going to be very unstable and you and the Navy will play a major roll in deterring the Soviets and others from being too adventurous." ADM Watkins visits Rear Admiral and Mrs. R.A. Martini, greet Admiral and Mrs. James D. Watkins upon their arrival. Admiral Watkins is Vice Chief of Naval Op- erat ions.


The White Falcon

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