Lögberg-Heimskringla - 23.09.2005, Blaðsíða 10

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 23.09.2005, Blaðsíða 10
10 • Lögberg-Heimskringla • Friday 23 September 2005 Three century farmers in Churchbridge Gwen Mann Each 'year the Saskatch- ewan Provincial Govern- ment gives recognition to pioneer homesteads that are still in the family. In Church- bridge, there are several century farmers. Johnson Lynne Johnson is one of these farmers. His grandparents Sigurdur and Thora Johnson's homestead was the NW of 24-22-32W1, just northeast of Churchbridge. Sigurdur travelled from New Iceland by rail to Neepa- wa, then walked out west to Churchbridge in 1885. He was attracted to one homestead be- cause the landscape was bro- ken by hills and a small lake through which the Thingvalla creek flows. He filed his application and they established a home in the fall öf 1886, living first in a sod and wood abode partly dug into the south side of a large hill. This was replaced by a log house, built in 1897, and there they raised their family of four children, William, Ragna, Egg- ert and Palmi. One of the foremost and most progressive farmers of the district, Sigurdur played an active role in community af- fairs— serving on the board of Thingvalla School, located near his homestead, and tak- ing a leading part in the affairs of the Thingvalla Congrega- tion, of which he was a Char- ter Member. He died in 1930 and is buried in the Thingvalla Cemetery. Sigurdur's sons, who took over the original homestead in partnership, also took home- steads of their own as soon as they were old enough, in addi- tion to buying land, and togeth- er they farmed on a large scale — acquiring all the latest agri- cultural implements, including a threshing machine with which they did custom harvesting in the area. Sigurdur's children with his second wife, Palina Mar- teinsdottir, were Martin and Valdimar. Martin Johnson took over the home built in 1912 by his father on the quarter east of the ROBERT T. 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Valdimar Johnson mar- ried Dyrfinna Hinriksson, the daughter of Eyjolfur Hinriks- son and his wife, Ingibjorg Bjornsdottir, who emigrated from Haeyrarvellir in Arnessys- la in 1903 and settled north of Churchbridge, Valdimar farmed his father's original homestead, which is rfow farmed by his son Lynne Johnson. Lynne and his wife Christine received a Cen- tury Farmer award in 1986. As of 2005, they have been farm- ing this land for 40 years. Their children are Ryan, Corinne and Kevin. Sveinbjornson Gudmundur and Gudrun Sveinbjornson, living in Ice- land, were corresponding with Gudrun's sister Kristin (Mrs Magnus Hinriksson) who had come to Canada in 1887. In 1900 they arrived in Church- bridge with three young chil- dren, Gudmundur Jr, Kristin and Thorstein. They filed for a homestead on NE 16 22 32 in 1901. In 1905 another son, Os- car, was born. In 1914 a new home was built, and used by three genera- tions on the home quarter. From 1936, Thorstein was in charge and in 1938 he married Mabel Yanke, who cared for his el- Norman and Rose Sveinbjorson with the Century Farm award. derly parents until their passing (hein 1941 and she in 1946). At the same time she was looking after their own family: Bertha, Mindy, Darlene and Norman. Norman married Rose John- son. Thorstein passed away in 1980 andMabelin 1989. Norman took over in 1970 when his parents retired into a home in the town of Church- bridge. Norman and Rose also had four children, Kristene, Kathleen, Linda and Lorne. In 1984, a new home was built, overlapping remnants of the foundation of the first home on the quarter. Johnson Eyleifur Jonsson and his wife Kristin came from Gull- brinusýsla, Iceland to Canada Impromptu reunion in Foam Lake During this year's Icelandic National League Conven- tion in Wynyard, SK, four hitherto unconnected cousins had a micro-reunion at the Foam Lake þorrablót: Arni Johnson (Churchbridge, SK), Vi Bjarnason Hilton (Winnipeg, MB), Gwen Mann (Calgary, AB) and Del Sveinsson (Leduc, AB). Arni is related to the other three, though none of them is re- lated to each other. The get-together was Hilton's idea; she called Johnson in from Churchbridge to surprise him with his cousins, whom he had previously never met. in 1900. They lived in Stony Mountain, Manitoba for about one year, where Eyleifur found work. In 1901 they came to Churchbridge and lived in the area of the Lógberg School for a while. It is believed that they lived on the NE 1/4 16-23-32 W 1 for a year and then filed a homestead nine miles north of Churchbridge (NW 1/4 20-23- 32 Wl). Their first small house consisted of one room and an addition made of logs for the kitchen. Eyleifur and his wife were both very industrious and soon prospered enough to build a larger home. They were staunch supporters of the Con- cordia Lutheran Church. Go- ing to church on Sundays was a "must." In 1924, Eyleifur suffered a stroke and his sons continued farming. He passed away Sep- tember 6, 1928 in Churchbridge at the age of 78. They had five children; two died in Iceland, Arni (1895 - 1939) married Jo- nina Thorgiersson (Halldorsdot- tir). Arni passed away in 1939 at the age of 43. John (1896 - 1981) married Mary Anderson, and Olafur (1898 - 1982) mar- ried Inga Gunnarsson. John and Oli continued farming together until they retired. When Oli's son Arni moved back to Churchbridge in 1973 to become Assistant District Operator for Saskatch- ewan Power, he again became involved with the family farm, helping his father with seeding and harvesting and finally tak- ing over the operation when Oli retired. Arni and Joyce received the Century Farm award in 2001. They have one son, Douglas. Visit us on the web at http:llwww.ih-inc.ca



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