65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 4

65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 4
October 1967 Dear Readers This is to introduce 65°, a new quarterly maga- zine, to the attention of Icelanders at home and abroad. 65° represents the latitude of the heart of Iceland on the world map, and as a name, defines the focus of this magazine. Our magazine is geared to enthusiastic and con- cerned Icelanders, to the young adults who are “old in mind” as well as the older adults who are “young in thought”, to the inexperienced of both sexes who are eager to “save the world” as well as to the experienced who know that even “chan- ging anything” is no easy matter. Our magazine is aimed at those who care about the future, yet want to profit from the past. In its purpose of identifying and crystallizing the social patterns and social thought of present day Icelandic society and the trends affecting these patterns and thought, our magazine represents a search for equilibrium. 65° is designed as a medium of communication for those who have something interesting, re- levant and constructive to say about the years of change in which we are living. It wishes to bridge the gap between old and new, and to do so through the exchange of ideas in the form of articles, short stories and humour. Because there are large numbers of foreign born Icelandic citizens, foreign residents and western Icelanders who would like to participate more fully in the life of modern Iceland but can- not, since they must rely solely on publications in Icelandic, this magazine, printed in English, gives them the opportunity they have never had to make a contribution to Icelandic life. Because Icelanders take justifiable pride in their educa- tional spirit, have an aptness for languages, and are aware of the importance of the English language in dealings with other nations, 65° gives them an opportunity to write and read the language they have learned, and through com- munication, to increase the understanding neces- sary to a harmonious society. The editor wishes to express thanks for the many warm and encouraging responses to the birth, on June 17, 1967, of the magazine 65°, and the unsolicited efforts of some of those individuals toward assuring 65° a healthy and interesting life following her debut in October, 1967. Original contributions are hereby requested from writers. Articles on any subject of general appeal are welcome provided they are interesting, timely and constructive. Please send the subject of your article first (if you have not already written it) in case we have a similar article on hand. Short stories and plays must be enter- taining or have something to say. Humor, car- toons and anecdotes also requested. Good pay- ment on acceptance. Response within two weeks. All submissions must be accompanied by a stamp- ed, self-addressed envelope and sent to Postholf 265, Kopavogur, or Laugaveg 59, Reykjavik. Editorial HOW DO YOU LIKE ICELAND? This is the question most asked by Icelanders of visitors and foreign-bom residents alike, and it is almost impossible to answer without long con- sideration. A better question might be, “What are your impressions of Iceland?” if a genuine answer is expected. Such a question asked of a visitor is easier to answer, though the answer might be disappoint- ing, because the visitor comes to Iceland for a purpose. If he comes for sports, he or she is probably an outdoors person and will respond to the call-of-the-wild appeal of the Icelandic coun- tryside. If he is an artist, there is much to delight the eye. If he is a birdwatcher, there are birds galore. But if he is an entertainer, his answer may depend mostly on how his show is received. If he is used to tropical life, he’ll be too shivery to care whether the snow lies on Esja like a white mantilla. If he is a seeker of quaint places, he may be disappointed at the very modernity of which today’s Icelanders are so proud. But this question asked of residents, even an eighteen year citizen as I am, is much more dif- ficult to answer. What it means is “How are you adjusting to Iceland?” and would be somewhat easier to 2 65



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