65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 31

65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 31
Report to the Central Committee by amalia lindal Dear Sirs: In view of the astounding discoveries I have made on this first visit to Earth by one from our planet, I take the liberty of dispensing with a more formal greeting and saying merely, “Jupiter Ammon!” Although this might seem a frivolous greeting under the circumstances, it is by no means ir- reverent or irrevelant. As the Earth Division of the Explorational Research Department of Jupiter has recorded, during the centuries of Roman and Greek dominance of Earth civilizations, the name of our planet was in common usage, applied as it was less to a real knowledge of our great planet than to a local deity who, however, was accorded to be the greatest of all worshipped deities. Yet although it has been some twenty years since Earthlings first picked up our radio waves and although they are currently obsessed with reaching Mars (they have not yet managed to reach their own moon), a smaller and infinitely less developed planet than our own, it was with exaltation and a warm sense of welcome that I heard several older Earthlings express these same words. Sometimes they said, “Jupiter Ammon” and sometimes, “By Jupiter”, but in both cases the approbations expressed both power and wonder. By these involuntary exclamations, the more meaningful because they were involuntary, it became obvious that we are by no means un- known or forgotten on Earth. As a matter of fact I wonder whether Earth- lings may not possess certain psychic abilities with which they have not heretofore been credit- ed, for on my emergence from my space sphere, which unfortunately landed in a large building which Earthlings call a “chicken coop” — a most unsavory place containing an abundance of spherical white objects not unlike our space craft, the first words spoken by the Earthling attendant were, “By Jupiter!” At this point I should like to thank the Depart- ment of Psychical Research on Primitive Planets and the Electronic Duplication Division for 65° having enabled me to adjust myself to the situa- tion. Almost instantaneously I was enabled to per- ceive the difference in the outer guise of Earth- lings and to speedily duplicate the appearance of this earth specimen, who called himself a Yankee farmer named Matthew, so as to seem similar to him though not identical. Thanks to my instant- electro-duplicating button (hence referred to as IED) my transformation into a fellow Earthling was so immediate that the farmer believed he must have imagined seeing me in my Jupiterian form. In the moments it took him to scratch his head (to be explained later) and examine some of the other white objects, which are called “eggs”, I had the opportunity to record his entire mental, physical and spiritual history, thus making his the first acquisition to my brain reservoir. Before I explain more of what this acquisition contained, I must relate some outstanding ob- servations made in my too-short acquaintance with this farmer and his reproductive counter- part, who is called, “wife”. Instead of our spheriod bodies with our an- temna, paddlecrawelers and wings, all neatly con- tained in a bubble not larger than three centi- meters, earth size, I was astonished to find that Earthlings have a vertical size of about one hundred and fifty centimeters and a horizontal size of at least fifty centimeters and weigh at least sixty kilos — veritable giants! (This is the reason for my capitalizing the word, “Earth- ling”.) A touch of my IED button was sufficient to increase my size, reduce my horror, and observe other details more closely in order to assimilate them. The Earthling’s body is composed of a box- like part containing in its upper portion a breath- ing apparatus and a perpetual motion machine called a “heart”, and in its lower section a pro- cessing mechanism for fuel and waste disposal as well as a reproductive mechanism. This latter function differs according to the two genders into 29



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