65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 35

65° - 01.09.1967, Blaðsíða 35
The farmer’s best cow had suddenly stopped giv- ing milk. Being a modern-minded farmer, he went to a psychiatrist with his problem. “I have given her the best foods, hay to sleep on, and even played radio music while I was milking her. What more can she want?” “I will speak to her myself,” said the psychia- trist. After a conference with the cow, the doctor returned to the farmer, with this grave news: “She says that she has cheerfully given you milk for six years, but that in all that time you have never once told her you loved her.” QUESTION OF THE MONTH What Makes a House a Home? 500 kronur will be paid for the best essay on the above subject by a resident of Ice- land. Length up to 500 words. All ages eligible. Winning essay to appear in the next issue of 65°. Send manuscripts to TimaritiS 65°, Postholf 265, Kopavogur, or Laugaveg 59, Reykjavik. V_______________________________________ 65° MARRIAGE Continued from page 12 form of engagement which is the precursor to the contemporary engagement institution, borrowed from the previous one many of its associations, the most important of which, in the context of the present article, was the moral justification of premarital sexual relationship between engaged persons. We shall bring this discussion to a close by reaffirming that this historical picture, however fragmentary, provides an explanation of the pre- valance of the engagement-family in contempo- rary Iceland. The high illegitimacy rate, there- fore, must be scrutinized with proper regard to the historical roots which we have sought to bring to light. BLIND Continued from page 17 is present, raising a family can be accomplished. Q. Do you think you will enjoy settling in Ice- land? A. Yes. Of course it will be hard, but every- thing in life for me has required a bit more effort than the average person — my education, ob- taining a position, and just day to day living is a challenge to a blind person. Perhaps there is a bit of the adventurer in me. Iceland provides the challenge I have been preparing myself for from the time I was born. I am willing to accept whatever it offers me. It gave me my future husband. SCHOOL Continued from page 25 the school system in regard to the bad weather prevailing .. . Austurbcejarskoli — Seven to eight year clas- ses, no school all day. Nine to twelve year classes, no school before noon. Vesturbcejarskoli — All classes as usual all day, but those living in the following outlying sections (naming them) will be excused if unable to come. Menntaskoli — All classes as usual all day”. And so on, mentioning all the schools in the city. Inga is relieved, thanks to the decisive radio announcement. With a clear conscience, she glad- ly keeps her seven year old home, to his secret relief, sends her tall nine year old off, cough or 33



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