Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.10.1982, Blaðsíða 7

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.10.1982, Blaðsíða 7
WINNIPEG, FÖSTUDAGUR 15. OKTÓBER 1982-7 OBITUARY Art Reykdal 1922-1982 I am very proud to be able to say "I counted him as one of my very best friends." Not only was he a true friend, he was also one of the most gifted men I have ever known. His many somewhat varied talents were tremendous. Art Reykdal was, without ques- tion, one of the most brilliant Icelan- dic Canadians of our third genera- tion in this country. Not only had he mastered his trade of printing (lino- typing) better than most, he has also been an incurable scribbler from a ¦ very early age, both of prose and of poetry. On top of all this he was a born humorist and always seemed to see first the funny side of every question. This someti-mes led him into hot water by being too sar- castic, too cutting, in some of his writings. As he grew older however, he mellowed to the degree that he had become a very fine writer of both prose and poetry. Although Art never seemed to have appreciated very much having been brought up in Winnipeg. He always used to say to me "I wish I had been raised in Lundar, like you, Gus." He moved with his family from Lundar to Winnipeg in 1928 when he was six years old. He however gained many advantages from this. By this I mean he had the opportunity of meeting most, if not all, ob the prominent Icelanders of our first and second generation. Editors, writers, poets, musicians, doctors, ministers, lawyers, busi- ness men and farmers. Especially so when working at Columbia Press while learning his trade. Most of these were good men and true, many of whom he counted as his dearest friends of his earlier years to his dying day. For example, Dr. Sigurdur Julius Johannesson, Ole Hallsson, S.K. Hall Heimir Thorgrimsson, Will Kristjansson, Rev. Phillip Petursson and several others. All of Art Reykdal's published works were published by himself in the '50s. Not only that, they were typeset and printed with his own hands and are a fine credit to his many skills. They include "Vaga- bond" a magazine of three issues 1951, "On Track and Field" 1953, a story of the Grettir Amateur Athletic Association of Lundar (76 pages) and "Autobiography Of A Damned Fool" 1955 (361 pages). But what of his more serious Art Reykdal writings, say between 1955 and 1982, very little of which ever has been published? I do know there existed, at the time of his death, eight or ten books, bound and closely typed on both sides of the page, by himself approx- imately 200 to 260 pages each. They are at present in his home in Edmon- ton but were dedicated in his will to his foster son Grant Stevens of High Level, Alberta, who of course, has full control of them. Grant Stevens, by the way, was a boy in Atikokan, Ontario years ago when Art first worked triere, and although Art was a bachelor all his life, he took Grant under his wing, educated him and brought him to manhood. Grant Stevens has been a school teacher and an educator, but is at present a salesman for a business firm in High Level. He is MESSUBOÐ Fyrsta Lútefska Kirkja JOHN V. ARVIDSON PASTOR 10:30 a.m. The Service followed by Sunday School & coffee hour. "The Chapel founded by A.S. Bardal to provide warmth, understanding and personal service within the means of all." SINCh 1KM4 | BARDAL FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORIUM 843 SHERBROOK STREET, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA 774-7474 married ánd has two children Craig and Theresa. It would seem an everlasting shame, as fine a writer as Art Reykdal was, if these eight or ten books in manuscript form mentioned ed above were never thoroughly in- vestigated by some literary persons or scholars. Not only was Art Reykdal a great Canadian, he was also a hard-work- ing honest Icelander deep down at the bone — but best of all he was a thinker, especially so in the later part of his life, and that is what our world is- sorely in need of these days. I take the liberty here to give two quotations from Art Reykdal's un- published poetry; "How few think justly of the think- ing few How many never think but think they do" and "I believe in love and duty I believe in the true ánd just. I believe in the common kinship Of everything born from dust. I believe that right will triumph That the sceptered wrong will fall, That death will at last be conquered And the grave does not end all." Farewell old friend and God bless your memory. Gus Sigurdson Business and Prof essional cards TAYLOR, BRAZZELL, McCAFFREY 4th Floor, Manulife House 386 Broadway Avenue. 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