The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 2
Page 2 THE WHITE FALCON March 5, 19 71 'OMMmMMi MMMffl™ IMME Caller: Does anyone rate priority on car repairs at the Navy Ex- change Gas Station? C.A.L.: Definitely notl Service is on a "first come-first served" basis and by appointment. --------------------------------- Caller: How come only two eggs for breakfast? Whatever hap- pened to the old Navy slogan "Take all you want - eat all you take?" C.A.L.: The two eggs ration is temporary. As soon as short- age of eggs is alleviated you can again "Take all you want - eat all you take." Caller: Why can't Navy Ex- change open outside doors to NEX lobby before main doors to retail store? C.A.L.: NEX agrees with you. Lobby doors will be opened ear- lier so you won't have to wait in cold and rain. Caller: During a recent Rec- reation Department-sponsored tour to Akureyri, had to stay overnite at Saga Hotel. All hands were in civvies. At 2200, the toursponsor came by and told officers curfew did not apply to them, but en- listeds have to observe. Why this discrimination? C.A.L.: Tour Director was in error. The curfew and civilian clothing regulations do not apply on Recreation Dept.-sponsored tours. Caller: 2-33 directs the esta- blishment of a NEX and Commissary Store advisory board. Has such a board been established here? C.A.L.: Such a board is being established at the naval station. When the details are ironed out, the board will meet on a monthly basis* Caller: What is necessary for my husband to travel to a commu- nist country? C.A.L.: Recommend your husband stop by IDF PAO and read and thoroughly digest all the rules and regulations outlined in CinCUSNavEurlnst 1050.5G. Caller: Is there a charge for use of the new recording facility? C.A.L.: Yes. A nominal fee of a penny a minute is levied to offset the cost of the tape lib- rary operation and machine main- tenance. Caller: I want to take two weeks' leave in Reykjavik upon my detachment from duty here and re- turn to the States. What's the procedure? C.A.L.: Request the leave in a letter and send it, via your commanding officer, to IDF Head- quarters (Attn: J-l). The answer will come back to you via the same chain. CUTS, from Page 1 change does not affect persons already authorized early release under the program. Rated and non-rated hospital- men and dental techs are specifi- cally exempted from early release under the provisions of the ear- ly separation program. The White Falcon U. S. NAVAL STATION KEFLAVIK, ICELAND CAPT Lloyd H. Thomas Commanding Officer CDR A.N. Kline Public Affairs Officer JOC Bill Wedertz Newspaper Adviser J01 Chuck McDonald.....Editor 0M2 John Getker........Writer OT3 Ken Burrows...Illustrator AN Don LaChapelle.....Writer SN Sol Kruger.........Writer A1C Bob Walker.........Writer AN Rob Wagner...Photographer The White Falcon is pub- lished weekly on Friday in accordance with NAVEXOS P-35, revised July 1958, for free distribution to personnel of the Naval Station, Keflavik. It is printed at the naval station printing plant from appropriated and non-appro- priated funds. Navy men on emergency leave don't return...if... Keflavik Navymen qoingon emer- gency leave within 121 days of their tour rotation date may no longer be required to return to the NATO base prior to going to their new duty stations. From now on, sailors on emer- gency leave from here will report to their next command, providing certain conditions are met. This new policy applies to all Atlantic Fleet sea or shore commands des- ignated codes three, four and six. Keflavik is code three. Sailors who have recieved or- ders for their new duty stations can be transferred permanently from Keflavik, with their emer- gency leave counting as "delay in reporting" or transfer leave. Provisions have been made by the Chief of Naval Personnel to les- sen the nardships on individuals, and each case can be treated on an individual basis. In cas, where the individual's orders elude a "not earlier than" "net later than" clause, BuFers will be notified by priority mes- sage, and appropriate action taken. Navymen here going on emergen- cy leave and not in xeciept of or- ders, but falling within the 121 days, can be transferred to a stateside station. If upon ex- piration of leave, and still not in reciept of orders, they will report to their temporary assigned station and await orders. Further information on emer- gency leave provisions under these procedures can be obtained from the personnel officer. Base-wide style show The NCO Wives' Clubis sponsor- ing a base-wide style show, to be held in the 56 Club ballroom on Monday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Haukur Gunnarsson, from Rammergerdin in Reykjavik, will present the latest in Icelandic spring fashions. Glit products will also be on exhibit. Tickets will be on sale at door. Mark this date on your calenl dart and remember everyone is in- vited, regardless of rank. i'^^P


The White Falcon

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