The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 6

The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 6
Page 6 THE WHITE FALCON March 5, 1971 VP-56 reigns as NATO base hoop champs The Dragon's of VP-56, led by Bill Greaver's 23 points, defeat- ed NSGA 68 to 37 in Sunday's NATO Base championship game. The ex- cellent performance capped a per- fect 5-0 tournament and an 11-3 second half championship record. Since the regular season ended, no team seemed to cause the mighty Dragons any problem. In tourney play they routed all four of their other opponents. Their victories were over NavFac 60-24, Rockville 61-27, 552nd 56-26, and AFI 67-31. Athletic director Dick Plante said that VP-56, "is one of the best teams I've seen in intra- mural basketball." The team used a zone press de- fense led by Joe Schwanabeck and John Sherwood. The leading scor- VP-56's basketball team, the NATO base champions are: bill Hich- bourg,Mike Gray, Glen Gueder, Cliff Nemeth, Al Thacker, Bill Greaver, John Sherwood, Doug Werber and Don Riffle. Bill Brunka, Joe Schwane- beck, Bob Williams and Paul LeBlanc were not available for photo- graphs. er for the season was Bill Greav- er, posting a 16.9 game average. NSGA finished second with a 10-4 second half record and a 6-2 tourney record. Their victims were Public Works 54-37, Grinda- vik 59-42, NavSta 67-65, 552nd 34-33, 57 FIS 59-43 and AFI 67-50. Their only loss was the first time they played AFI. The leading scorer throughout the season for NSGA was Vern Kingery with an 11-point average. Larry Wilkenson took high tej honors in the championship g with a total of 13 points. BANQUET HONORS ATHLETIC STANDOUTS, from Page 3 First place in the handball dou- bles went to Jim Gall and Dick Plante. Second place went to Al Thecker and Tom Pullion, both of VP-56. The ping pong singles was won by Glenn Holland. The banquet not only signaled the end of one athletic season but also ushered in a new sched- ule of events. Volleyball will be the new challenge in which five leagues will be represented. The American League has 13 teams and the National League has 12. The ladies have fielded seven teams and the Recreation League currently has ten teams. There will also be a mixed doubles league which will play on Sunday evenings and currently has eight teams. Flemma leads top six AF bowlers John Flemma's lb', averaqe led the Air Force roll-offslast week- end at the Arctic Bowl. Flemma and five other top oowlers will now go on to Hancock Field, N.Y., to participate in the 21st Air Division Tournament. Flemma bowled 18games, spilled 3,317 pins for his leading 184 average. John McCarron had a 175 average, with 3,159 pins. Third was Lou DeJoy with 3,122 pins for a 173 average. Ralph Knepper's 3,092 pins and 171.78 average just nosed out Charlie Champlin's 3,084 pins and 171.33 average for fourth place. Sixtn place went to Bob Hurris and his 3,063 pins for a 170 average. Kighteen' men entered the com- petition. FLEMMA McCARRON DeJOY. KNEPPER CHAMPLIN BURRIS


The White Falcon

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