The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 9

The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 9
March 5, 1971 THE WHITE FALCON Page 9 CEC, Seabees celebrating anniversary lillw, ^BKc. This weekend commemorates the dual anniversary of the SeaBees and the Civil Engineer Corps. The latter is celebrating its 104th year and the SeaBees have been a- round since 1942. Their construction feats in Id War II and more recently in tnaraare well known. Les.T pub- cized has been their role in' Iceland. The SeaBees have been in Ice- land since their first year of existence. They arrived to take over the construction of bases from American and Icelandic civ- ilians. The 9th Construction Battalion was the first full unit to ar- rive. Their first job was the completion of Camp Knox, the air- strips and the tank farms of Meeks Field. The 28th Battalion along with two smaller units soon fol- lowed. In less than a year the SeaBees had transformed these Here's a chance to SCORE... Program offers conversion opportunity In order to get. more volunteers for the more critical rates, the Navy has put more emphasis on the Selective Conversion and Reenlist- ment program or SCORE. It provides not only a change in rate, but also includes a guarranteed school and can provide an automatic ad- vancement in pay grade. least 21 but less service, reenlist ceptance van> m Personnel interested in the program must have completed at months of active duty, than ten years active and must be willing to for six years upon ac- into the program. The rates eligible are designated E-3s through P02s serving in non- critical ratings. Assignment to Class A school is guaranteed with a change of rate following graduation and ad- vancement to petty officer third ass for designated strikers, ond and third class petty of- fers in the program are guaran- teed Class B or C school after completing required on-the-job training. Personnel in the program are eligible for both reenlistment bonuses and proficiency pay when applicable. For more details consult your career counselor. Youth Center auditions Auditions are scheduled for Saturday morning, March 6, at the Youth Center for dance bands, mu- sical entertainment groups and individuals who wish to perform at the Youth Center or at school activities. To make arrangements for an audition, or for further informa- tion, call Lt. Cdr. Thomas Mos- carillo at Ext. 3108 or 2179. camps into an important base that played a significant role in the protection of the North Atlantic sea lanes from German submarine activity. Today, 29 years later, there are no full scale construction battalions in Iceland and all the construction has been taken over by civilians. In spite of this, the nearly 80 SeaBees remaining still play an important role in the operation and maintenance of the NATO base. The SeaBees are all incorpo- rated into the Public Works De- partment. This department, under the leadership of Cdr. J. W. Tom- barge, is divided into two div-^ isions. The Transportation div- ision has the primary responsi- bility of operating and maintain- ing most of the government vehic- les on base. Another significant role played by tnem is the re- sponsibility of keeping all the roads, runways and taxiways free of snow during the winter months. The Maintenance Division plays an even more varied role since its responsibilities encompass virtually all base repairs. Ev- erything from the fixing of bro- ken windows to repairing broken power lines falls under their jurisdiction. They also operate the housing office which has the responsibility assigned married personnel to on-base housing. The SeaBees work in close co- operation with approximately 20 other Navymen in Public Works and numerous Icelandic civilian em- ployees.


The White Falcon

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