The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 7

The White Falcon - 05.03.1971, Blaðsíða 7
March 5, 1971 THE WHITE FALCON Page 7 Speaking from the head table at the athletic ban- quet is Rear Adm. John K. Beling, ComlDF. Seated from left are: Mrs. Alfred R. Saeger, Chaplain Sae- ger, Mrs. Beling, Lt. and Mrs. George B. Reynolds, Lt. Greg Langston and Col. William C. Sullivan, IDF Chief of Staff. Banquet honors athletic standouts The basketball season was of- ficially terminated Monday night with the athletic banquet held at the 56 Club. The ceremonies began with an invocation by Chaplain Alfred R. Saeger on the meaning of victory and defeat in athletic competi- on. A steak dinner for the ap- oximately 300 guests followed. Lt. George B. Reynolds, the master of ceremonies, introduced the guest of honor, Rear Adm. John K. Beling. Following a short speech by Admiral Beling, Dick Plante, the director of the House Gymnasium was introduced and the awards presentations began. The first awards were humorous in nature, recognizing such qual- ities as acting and the biggest cry-babies. The C League was the first to receive trophies. Grin- davik finished first with a 21-4 record and Special Services was second with 17-8. Special awards were also made to Tim Harris from Special Services who was the high scorerand John Toles.the league's most valuable player. Next on the agenda were the ladies. The Hecklers won first place with a 17-8 record. The Lollies received second place with the same record. High scorer for the ladies was Jean Maxwell and the most valuable player was Verna Helms of the Globetrotters. The ladies also won the Player of the Year award which was present- ed to Jenny Cashdollar of the Hecklers. The Recreation League which played its games during the noon hour followed. NSGA won that trophy by going undefeated in 28 games followed by NavCommSta Sup- ply with a 23-5 season. High scorer for the league was Charley Reed of Weather and the Most Val- uable Player award went to Mar- vin Riggs of NSGA. Air Ops were the champions in the B League with only one loss in 22 games; Team member Mark Maxwell also won the MVP award. Second place was clinched by Sup- ply who completed the season with a 19-4 record after beating High School in a play-off. High scorer for the B League was Ted Grobelmy of Admin. Grobelmy also won the high scorer award in the A League with an 18.3 game point average. The A League champion and o- verall tournament champion was VP-56 who compiled a 21-4 record for the season. Second place in both the league and tournament went to NSGA who finished with a 19-6 record. The Most Valuable Player award was shared by John Sherwood of VP-56 and Doug Nel- son of NavCommSta. All the individual players on the first and second place teams were rewarded with individual trophies. Handball and ping pong were also recoqnized at the banquet. (See BANQUET, Page 6) Hs~j H 'J^l • $&r$*S ' ^il F*^H '% ~* : El I A . 1 \£ifffwft?ln}\ mM j3 ' W^KtMftWK^ House Gymnasium director Dick Plante, looks over the table full of trophies*


The White Falcon

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