EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 9

EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 9
Em Em 4 i "Unknown” Becomes Film Star ■i In spite of the speed-up tempo at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, romance keeps its traditional grip on graduation exercises. This grad- uate, Joseph Smith McCoy, Jr., one of 592 reserve ensigns who under- went intensive four-months’ course, is just following a custom as he kisses his fiancee. Partly because of her extraordinary gift for whistling, Mauricette Melbourne (above) daughter of an Australian physician, has been selected for starring roles in Hollywood. A former concert pianist, she made her debut at Buckingham Palace. Lately, she has been a guest star on American radio programs, ___' | 15, Fights to Stay in Army Pnvate First Class Edward H. Miller (left), 15, confers with Assistant Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, protesting against his being retired from U. S, Army service. Miller was discharged when army ofiBcials discovered thaí he is under the minimum age of 16. The boy |jy>te>aiáBw>r.'jta»a«aa«&i' cotPð8 from Buffalo, N. Y. Canal Head Reports Commander of the Panama Canal Eone, General Glen E. Edgerton is pictured on arrival in New Yorfc iboard the liner Panama, en routa to Washington to report on defenses —nf tha naw’s lifeline. }


EM EM : monthly magazine

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