EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 36

EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 36
36 Em Em Far East Commander Commander-in-chief of the British Far Eastern forces is Air Chief Marshal Sir Robert Brooke-Pop- ham, whose conference in Sydney, Australia, with all heads of the de- fense services is reported to have decided course of British action in the critical area. The crisis arose from Japanese moves toward south- ern region of the western Pacific. SCOTT'S SCRAP BCOK —......—. By R. j.SCOíJ TuLU*BJ-OODEt> 1MDIMI& COMPoSE fiALF oF PERU’S PoPULM'lOtf op 6, 600,000 fToUDE.MHEO PRISOMERS )H MOM^OKlA. A-RE QFftH PL.VC.ED VÍOODEW BOJt.ES , CARdkD OU-T oH dUE BAR.REH PLAIHS,A.MP LEE'f'fo DIE oF S'fiARVM'lOM AHD "ÍÍÍ I RSf dtilí WAS AuroMOBlkE. do RUM OVER 90 MIL« PER Honn. - HEHRV PORD DROVE IT IH 1003 AT 91.4 suu cruismg aoouc ín me vicimcy of the disaster, although no sur- vivors or bodies had been picked up for some time. Sliortiy after midnight the yacht gave up further seareh and headed back to Caimora. I did a good deal of thinking during the run back to the city. But, like my talk with Eldridge, it led nowhere. Carretos had been picked up, I heard, and the man was much in my thoughts. I was almost positive he knew the Alderbaron was destined to go down. And yet, if he had been in possession of that knowledge, why had he sailed on her? Surely no sane man would have risked his life by taking passage on a doomed ship. Certainly not Carretos. Life to him was altogether too sweet. I saw Mildred but once during the run back to Caimora, and then I had no opportunity to talk to her, for she was helping care for the women who had been injured when the first lifeboat capsized. (To Be Continued) Copyrizht bv Whltman Chambcra Dlst. by King Fcatures Syndlcate, Inc. THE OLD HOMETOWN RefiiTtrtd U S ~ by 5TANLEY ON TME HOTTEST PaV OF= TNE VEAR, THE COMMITTE6 \NOULD PICK A SUBJECT- LIKE "THIS _________________ HS


EM EM : monthly magazine

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