EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 29

EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 29
Em Em 29 Boy, 12, Gets Life Osa Johnson, explorer-widow of Martin Johnson, noted big-game hunter, is shown with Charles H. Getts, her manager, following their marriage by Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia in New York City Hall. Johnson was killed in a plane crash in 1937. The bride is not changing ___________________;___‘__ hername. Prison for the rest of his life is the fate of Robert Messex, 12. The boy was sentenced to life imprisonment in Waynesboro, Ga., for the fatal shooting of his father in revenge for a whipping._________________ ' Atto-genic These three baseball players are not comparing their batting averages. No indeed. They are comparing their scores in the annual baseball players’ golf tournament at St. Petersburg, Fla. Left to right: Wes Ferrell, former Cleveland pitcher and defending champ; Heime Manusb and Roy Cullenbine. W'r Osa Johnson Marries The New York Art Students League has named Brenda Marshall, film starlet, as the most arto-genic ac- tress in Hollywood. Arto-genic, in case you don’t know, means she if the most suited to an artist’s stand- ards of bone structure, coloring and personality.


EM EM : monthly magazine

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