EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 40

EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 40
Em Em „StGeorge's Knights in lceland/' All who can read English should read the newly issued book “St. George’s Knights in Iceland” by Mrs. Johanna S. Sigurdsson. Very much has been written and said about the foreigners who have been staying in Iceland now for about a year. The Icelandic women have been condemned by many: and may be they are not quite above reproach. Mrs. Johanna S. Sigurdsson has written with deep understanding about the conditions that at the moment are most discussed in Ice- land. Every one who reads this book will understand that the authoress is actually living under the same conditions as those men and women she is writing about — far away in a foreign country — far away from their own families and friends. Reading this book one cannot but appreciate the open mind with which she approaches the subject showing a thorough understanding of human nature. The chapter dealing with the arrival of the British in Iceland is very in- teresting. “Don’t be alarmed — they are as human as we are” she says to her mother — and this we find is the underlying sentiment throughout the book. In the chapter about — ones “love for ones” own country she writes about her experiences during the time when she lived away from Iceland. Some space is devoted to what is in store for Hitler at the conclusion of this war. Every member of his Majesty’s Forces in Iceland may by proud of what is written of his conduct in this country. This book is well illustrated and contains many interesting references to the Icelandic Sagas and will provide interesting reading. The authoress’ prophetic words will no doubt cause some general contro- versy in as much as the book opens our eyes to many things which we do not stop to think of in our daily toil.


EM EM : monthly magazine

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