EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 8

EM EM : monthly magazine - 01.07.1941, Blaðsíða 8
Em Em g Dictatorship Rules L. I. School for a Day s-tsw~ Dictatorship replaces democracy at the Pierson School in Sag Harbor, L. I., as the students learn the blessings of liberty by cancelling the Bill of Rights for one day. “Storm troopers” arrested and punished “enemies of the state,” such as users of lipstick, who were forced to scrub the schooi steps. Here the “dictator” reviews his troops, members of the school band. , Sails for Britain YOU'RE TELLING ME! -----------By WILLIAM RITX----- 1 — ■ Central Press Writer ! THERE ARE approximately 25,000,000 automobiles in the United States. And, adds the man at the next desk, they all manage to come up behind you when your car stalls- at ‘a green light. i t i Zadok Dumbkopf has a warm weather recommendation. Read the political speeches,. says Za- dok; they ought to Ieave you cold. ! ! t Now that cloth is to be made ot milk, Grandpappy Jenkins suggests the ice creath suit may prove to be exactly that. ’ ! í * . A scientist says that in think- lng we use our muscles as well as our brain. Hereafter we’ll have more respect for dumb- bells. (The wooden kind, you dope.) ! j ! A newly-developed type of hash is said to taste like coffee. What’s this? Are they combin- ing our food and drink? ; ; ; Miissolini once was quoted as saying he didn’t believe in col- iecting mere desert lands. Maybe British Somaliland is just one gigantic mirage. ! ; i A former football coach has lost a primary election. Despite his experience he apparently did not develop a sufficiently strong line.. President of Harvard University, Dr. James B. Conant is shown aboard the S. S. Excalibur as he sailed from New York for Lisbon. A member of the Defense Eesearch Committee, he is going to London to exchange scientific information of importance to national defense.


EM EM : monthly magazine

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