Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 20

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 20
Clerihew’s Guide to Iceland THE OCCUPATION They welcomed us with open arms, And we fell for the stulka’s charms. That’s what the papers say Anyway. THE GERMANS The German Consul took a nice trip on a ship. The Marines ashed him to dine — He couldn’t decline. The German colony Talked a lot of bolony But that didn’t alter the fact That they were offgepacked. THE ICELANDERS I wish They wouldn’t dry their fish All over the street. It isn’t neat. THE LIQUOR I do not think I like the Icelandic drink. I once tried Black Death — It tasted like bad breath. THE BEER As a drink „Bjor“ Is very poor. It’s ^doubtless well-meant But-Js only two per cent. THE POLICE The Icelandic police Frown on the shooting of geese, But they wink an eye If you do it on the sly. The C. M. P.’s would look funny on skis — But so would you or I, lust try. If you get in a jam Don’t blame Major Shaw-Ham. He’s only there To see that fair’s fair. THE NURSES Live holds no curse, Like an „N“ General Hospital nurse. They treat everything from lumbago to mumps, With stomach pumps. THE LADES The „stulkas“ are girls With blue eyes and blonde curls. If you go too far They say „Ha?“ THE PRESS I couldn’t read „Pjodviljinn“, If you paid me a million. I find it easier To read „Yisir“. There’s lots of good, clean fun In the „Midnight Sun“. Canon Hood Thinks it’s pretty good. THE PUBS The Borg Is rather like a morgue. If you want a high-class cafe Try the NAAFI. 18 CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND


Christmas in Iceland

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