Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 34

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 34
than in the baking plains where I left you. I wish to gaadness I could get away to a real- ly cold country like Kenya. Then he mopped a lump of snow from his brow and asked the leader of the rescue par- ty if he had brought a nice cold thrist-quen- cher. Tcha! Tcha! A great pity, because we ra- ther liked this particular officer. Anonymous. Disastrous Times in Iceland. After a catastrophic two years of more or less constant volcanic eruptions which ended in July 1783, casulaties among men and cattle in Iceland had risen to a frightful height. Stephenson, an authority in Iceland, wrote that 9336 men and women, 28 000 horses, 11 461 horned cattle, and 190 488 sheep were destroyed. ALABASTER CROSS- WORD SOLUTION On page 11. His numbers, however, are thought to be exaggerated. The most moderate calculations makes casualties amount to 1300 human beings, 19 488 horses, 6801 horned cattle, and 129 937 sheep. 32 CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND


Christmas in Iceland

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