Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 33

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 33
tfleios from Iceland Continued from Page 6. Just when you are dreading the necessity of skating again either it thaws or the local ice-company comes and cuts practically all the ice from the surface of the lake for com- mercial purposes. And there are all sorts of other attractions. Beauty treatment for example. Do you require mud baths? Here, hot mud baths are always available at some selected points and cold mud baths practically always available everywhere. Beauty itself? Northern lights, glamourous sunsets, storm affects, all on tap. Exitement? Snow blizzards or sand storms, whatever you wish. Where else can you see a lovely surise when taking a late breakfast or watch the colours of the sunset on the hills over your coffee after lunch? In short, we can provide practically every Inconvenience modern civilisation insists we do without. And, ofcourse, if you like mutton — or fish — or fish — or mutton? But enough of these sordid commercial considerations. Let us think about Christ- mas. Shall I survive as long as I did last Christmas (three o’clook in a battery mess, finished by three glasses of gift champagne)? Or not? On past standards I should be dead by now, but then my resistance has been increased, I should hope. But, what I should love would be a nice old fashioned childrens party. The children here are very beautiful and, if I may lapse into sentimentality for once, I should like to hear Nuts-in-May in Icelandic, to teach a small child how to play Hunt-the-Slipper for the first time. Do they have crackers here? Dothe children wear paper caps and eat chocolate biscuits and trifle simultaneously? Do the small boys stand about shyly and little girls run screaming to and fro in acothe detriment of their party suits, and the little girls run screaming to and fro in acompletely selfpossessed manner? And is some- one always sick, or tired too soon, or prepared to weep for his or her nurse on the slightest provocation? And the preparations, the hectic excitement in the kitchen, hanging up the paper streams, moving the furniture —, I can remember nothing more exciting than the first moments of anticipation as one arrived, clean, excited, and ready for anything. The house- familiar, yet strange, all the other children one knew so different in their party frocks. Ishould like an old-fashioned childrens party and we shall have another — someday. Your loving son, Harold. Lapse in Iceland An officer, well known in political circles and a great lover of Iceland, was lost in the beginning of December. After he had been absent for three days he was sighted from the air sitting in his underclothes on the very top of the biggest glacier in the interior. When eventually a rescue party reached the remote and desolate spot, after many days of weary wandering, the first question they asked him was, “Aren’t you cold?” Whereup- CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND on he jumped to his feet with a large block of ice frozen on the seat of his “Aertex” pants, beat the air frenziedly with his arms and uttered a long warbling note similar to the mating call of the Cow-eyed, crested Cockatoo which is heard only in Iceland and Nova Zemlya. “We-ee-ee-ee-ee”, he wailed, and then scornfully spitting an icicle he shouted incre- dulously” Cold? Have you all gone cazy? I’m absolutely blistered with heat and I’ve come up here because its just a trifle cooler 31


Christmas in Iceland

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