Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 31

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 31
Gisli goes lo town or Hoicha in December Gisli Hogwaschsson is reported to have a new scheme on foot for developing Esja in time for Christmas. “I’ve often thought”, he said pensively in an interview with me yester- day at his country hide out, “how slow we ’ve been with that mountain. There’s a swell piece of lava just crying out for culture and a spot of night life. And the boys and I have put our heads together lately and drawn up a swell scheme for the joint. Haven’t we boys?” Both Gisli’s yes — men nodded ass- ent. “Have a cigar and a swig” said Gisli and proffered the Black Death and a Corona, I grew interested. We settled down. “Of course no scheme is any use” he went on “without salemanship and advertizing foist. So that’s the first step. Go big in the town and get your public”. “Yes sir! And how! Bring in the wenches, Al” he said turning to yes-man. No. 1. A1 dis- appeared and returned in' a few moments with the goods. “There you are” said Gisli proudly. “Six of the best. They truck on down Austurstraeti led by my swing outfit, Gaf Wordsworth and his Mountain Music Makers. Of course they have my banners and a couple of hot chorus- es to sing. Like to hear em?” And before I could do much else, the harpies had got going on: “You can keep the Nya Bio And the Gamla Bio too And as for small town dances Why, were definitely through. For we take our pleasure Each evening on Esja”. “You don’t think much of it”, said Gisli rather disappointedly. “O. K., well hear the second verse. You reelly need a warm spell CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND for this but maybe we’ll manage without”. “Our mama said we were quite sweet, And sugar daddies say we’re comely wenches, But though we think they’ve both got something. We still don’t care for parks or benches. For we take our pleasure Each evening in Esja”. “How d’ you like it?” said Gisli, lost in his dreams. “Can’t you picture the whole panor- ama, winding slowly to the floodlit Laekjar- torg”. He sighed in anticipation. “But to get on”. “I figure on having the first joint about half-way up — something a bit refined to begin with, like the Tower at Blackpool or the Streatham Locarno”. “You must have a special programme for the first night, Gisli”, I put in here. “Wont you tell us all about it?” “Sure”, he said, “I’ve got that weighed up. Being as it’s a big event I make a speech that night, something snappy. I’ll probably get Gaf to play me on with a verse of my Esja theme song. You know it? Play it for him Al”. And the harpies sang again. “There always be an Esja, An Esja will be free. As long as Gisli’s here in town To float a company”. “Get’s the atmosphere, you know. Then I say a few words about how I got on in life- grey-haired mother on the farm and all that give ’em my couplet for success: — “Snap out of that humility What you want now’s business ability”; And the show begins. First scene’s a replica of Thingvellir with the lake frozen over in the foreground. Al here and Fifi Hagsdottir come over with a 39


Christmas in Iceland

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