Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 23

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 23
Brighter Broadcasting. It may be accidental but we up here in Ice- land are wondering if the B. B. C. are beginn- ing to realise the attractions of rhyming. blonde mother “Herkonur” you dear ones at home that means “woman soldiers!” More Brrrrrr. De Bretesh er now on the snow of Iceland. The other day one of them intimated: — “You’ve been listening to the kitchen front And the speaker this morning was Bruce Blunt. Later we heard another announcer at the same game: — „That was Bruce blunt, on the kitchen Front”. Overheard. Comment by a dear old Glasgow lady on the new civilian decoration, the George Gross: — Aye, jist fancy ca’in’ it efter a pairt o’ Glesca — and whit a locality, tae!” Identity Cards. Such cards simply don’t exist in Iceland... but yuo never know what might happen these days. Should the worst happen, road guards might take their cue from a gay old Home Guard who challanged a belated lady motor- ist thus: — “Where are you going to, my pretty maid?” “That’s none of your business, sir”, she said. “My duty, dear!” laughed the Gay Home Guard. “I’d better see your identity card”. “Well, here it is, to save a ruction — but note, it isn’t an introduction!” Lj Translation into Icelandic — Home Guards “piece” — will be published in next Christmas number. An the pipers Came tae Iceland. When a certain Highland regiment — whose whereabouts it not known now — swung through the streets of an Icelandic town the population stood opened mouthed... astoun- ded... as the kilted pipers piped the men to their camp. They had never heard the “pipes” nor most of them seen the kilt. One young urchin yelled excitedly to his Stop press. Consequently its almost a sure bet that the following routine order will soon appear. “In future officers and O. R. S. will fasten their skis on level ground. Failure to do so will almost in every case result in a tedious trek trough deep snow into the valley to re- trieve skis”. Taking it down. Another story is being told in the canteens in tones of reverent awe. It concerns our old friend, Pte. MacSwill of the Thirsty-second. It appears that Mac was detailed to make an inventory of the contents of one of the big- wigs’s offices. Some time later his report was found on a table. Mac was found under it. The report ran: riteing desk—mahugganny—1. chares—office—4. whisky—bottles full—2. chare—revolving—1. whisky—bottles full—IV2. Lettersh filesh—3. whisky bottlesh—full—1. dittoditto—emptish—1 woopeeeeeh! floorsh—revolving—1. chares offish 17 an if youse don’ b’leeve me coont thum yersel. Whiskishish botsh—full—nane—brown revolving rugsh blue jumpin tigersh an’ one damn zebrash that won’t eat out of may handsh YIPPEE!! „That woman copies every thing i wear” CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND 21


Christmas in Iceland

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