Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 30

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 30
5UNDH0LLIN BATHS Thou wilt then, O king, dearly buy the life of Egil, when we be all laid dead on the field, I and my followers. Far other treatment should I have expected of thee, than that thou wouldst prefer seeing me laid dead on the earth to granting me the boon I crave of one man’s life”. Then answered the king: “A wondrous eag- er champion art thou, Arinbjorn, in this thy helping of Egil. Loth were I to do thee scathe, if it comes to this; if thou wilt rather give away thine own life than that he be slain. But sufficient are the charges against Egil, whatever I cause to be done with him”. And when the king had said this, then Eg- il advanced before him and began the poem, and recited in a loud voice, and at once won silence. King Eric sate upright while Egil recited the poem, and looked keenly at him. And when the song of praise was ended, then spake the King: “Right well was the poem recited; and now, Arinbjorn, I have resolved about the couse between me and Egil, how it shall go. Thou hast pleaded Egil’s cause with me. Now shall I for thy sake do what thou hast asked, letting Egil go from my land safe and unhurt. But thou, Egil, so order thy goings that, after leaving my presence and this hall, thou never come before my eyes, nor my sons’ eyes, nor be ever in the way of myself or my people. But I give thee now thy head this time for this reason, that thou earnest freely into my power. I will do no dastardly deed on thee; yet know thou this for sure, that this is no reconciliation with me or my sons or any of our kin who wish to wreak their vengeance. 28 CRISTMAS IN ICELAND


Christmas in Iceland

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