Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 22

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 22
In and around Iceland Crash Diving. Boomps — a — Daisy! Frost, she is now ge- kommen and de Bretesh they er skating on the Ice of Iceland... and how! On a local pond the other day it was en- couraging to see at least three of about 50 skating Tommies on their feet at the same time. Slippery fun. Warning. There is no truth in the rumour that if you take a 20 cwt turck for a mile and a half, get off, stop an Icelandic lor- ry, get a lift for 50 kilometers, hire a pack pony, canter inland un- till you come to a small shack 40 kilometers North- North-East of Mount Hekla, that you will find an illicit brewe- ry, brewing it is whis- pered. „Youngers Pale Ale”. I should know. Stockings, silk. “Us boys”, in Iceland are going to suffer a terrible shock when we meet our sweethearts in Blighty again. Reason: — They nearly all wear stocking, (wool), now — unlike our “stulka” friends up here in the frozen North. They, our sweethearts regard this as a terr- ible calamity. Shall we therefore unite and sing the following dirge: — “Now weep for British womanhood, whose worries and whose wees Have reached the cruel climax with this ban on silken hose! Yet Granny wore wool stockings and was happy in her day, And, after all, these silk ones are sheer nonsense some would say”. Wound Stripes. Mention of wound stripes has arounsed much interest among old-timers in Iceland. . especially some of our glorious old warriors in the “Amps”. One of them tells the story of the two runn- ers attached to the head- quarters of a famous Scottish battalion — no names no pack drill. After an early gas at- tack the two runners were discovered brea- thing stertorously and almost purple in the face. Along with other casualties they were rus hed off for treatment. Subsequently two bottles of vin rouge were found to be miss- ing from the officers’ mess and — unfortu- tunately — the empties were locoted in the runners’ quarters. In due course the cul- prits were reported for duty with the batt talion, and returned wearing — a little self- consciously — their wound stripes. But nothing could be done about. After all it was the M. O. who had diagnosed gas! News Flash. Dorothy Lamour’s decision to cut her hair has precipitated a major crisis”. — Note in a film periodical. So maybe that’s what Hitler and Franco were talking about. Harsh treatment, says I: According to a book published over 100 years ago Icelandic husbands had little or no control over their „Fru’s”. A certain passage reads: „Besides their dowry each bride received a pre- sent from their husbands which was carried with them in case of a di- vorce; and this separation took place wheneve the wife expressed her wish in a prescribed manner before wit- ess. Harsh words, or any appearance of abuse, such as a slight blow given in half jest, was given for this determi- nation. It is said that, by using their pri- vileges, they in most cases obtained complete authorty over their pouses. And no — wonder! 20 CRISTMAS IN ICELAND


Christmas in Iceland

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