Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 21

Christmas in Iceland - 15.12.1940, Blaðsíða 21
ROUTINE ORDER No. 502 by No. 502 A/Pte Anon, (unpd.) for G. 0. C. SECURITY GENERAL STAFF NIL (Minus One.) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF. 8A3. IDENTIFICATION OF AIRCRAFT. British aircraft can be identified by the distinctive line of the wings, fuselage, tail-assembly and upper popping - stays (where worn), if you know how. They should not be fired at. 8A4. RIGHT OF WAY. M. T. drivers arr warned that absolute right of way in the streets of Reykjavik and other towns is to be acc- orded to sheep, geese, cows and polar bears (if led.) 8A5. COMFORTS. All ranks are reminded that sweethearts and wives may not be transmitted to- Iceland through the Army Comforts Fund. 8A6. CHRISTMAS FARE. A liberal extra ration of Icelandic mution will be distributed to all ranks. Units not availing themselves of this will cause no surprise. 8A7. CAMOUFLAGE. Coloured fishing nets are now available at B. 0. D. for the camouflage of selected personnel. 8A8. BATHING AND SWIMMING. Greatcoats must be worn for bathing and swimming as a precaution against chill. For treatment in cases of drowning, refer to R. 0. 3A7 . 8A9. BAA. When large flocks of sheep are driven into towns for slaughter, this should not be accelerated by M.T. drivers. 8B0. GAME LAWS. The following are protected: ostriches, cassowaries, Icelandic policemen (especially the larger variety - try it and see) parakeets and stulkas. All ranks are reminded that there is no close season for parachutists. 8Bi. Amendment. R.O. 7A2. For ,,moustache and eye-brow de-icers11 read ,,De - icer s , eye-brow and moustache." A. Schweik, Pte., for G.S.O. 3 (M and V). CHRISTMAS IN ICELAND 19


Christmas in Iceland

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