Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 9

Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 9
ICELAND REVIEW 7 Ph o to s: ( fr o m t o p t o b o tt o m ): M o rg u n b la d id , P ál l S te fá n ss o n , P ál l S te fá n ss o n . A NATION OF COMPUTER NERDS Iceland has the highest Internet access rate in the world Iceland has the highest Internet access rate in the world, with 69.8% of the nation being able to access the World Wide Web, according to statistics published on the web site Sweden came in second place with 64.68%; Denmark in third with 60.38%; Hong Kong in fourth with 59.58%; and the USA in fifth with 59.1% of Americans being able to log on to the Net. According to, a total of 10% of the Earth’s inhabitants now have access to the Internet. CULTURE NIGHT The annual Culture Night was held on 17 August Culture Night was held, as in past years, on the birthday of the City of Reykjavík, the 17th of August. The Reykjavík Marathon set the day off with both a smoking gun and hundreds of pairs running shoes smoking at the starting post. Later that day, galleries were bursting forth with art, and people from all walks of life were soaking in the cultural floods of the city. Bands played, actors acted and artists exhibited their work, as the rest of the population got lost somewhere in the excitement. The firework display marked the end of the very enjoy- able Culture Night and the beginning of what the media has been coining “Un-Culture Night”, with intoxicated youths congregating in crowds on the streets. LIVING THE HIGH LIFE United Nations good measures Iceland’s quality of life is amongst the best on the globe, according to a list published by the United Nations in July. Iceland is in seventh place on the list, which is lead by Norway in first, Sweden in second and Canada in third place. In fourth, fifth and sixth place are Belgium, Australia and the USA. At the bottom of the 173-country list are Burundi, Niger and Sierra Leone. The quality of life in each country is measured by using a variety of indicators, such as age expectancy, levels of education, income, equality of the sexes, levels of poverty, and stan- dards of technology. 05 IR302 - Short Cuts bs km 2.9.2002 13:24 Page 7
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Iceland review

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