Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 31

Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 31
During a recent visit to her studio in New York City, a curator came up with this analogy for Katrín Sigurdardóttir’s projects: “Sometimes in your dreams, you are in a place that you know to be familiar, but there is nothing familiar about it. You know that you’re in your room, but it isn’t actually your room at all.” “It’s this relationship exactly,” Katrín offers as a win- dow into interpreting her art, some of which is “generi- cally based” on Icelandic geology. For instance, if her three-dimensional work depicts a mountain, Katrín explains that she can “point you in the direction of where to find the mountain. If you went there, you would know you were in the right region, but you would not be able to find that mountain.” Place, memory and imagination are constant inter- secting themes in Katrín’s pieces, which she refers to as “scenography”. Dividing her time equally between Iceland and New York City, these scenes illustrate the exterior and interior environments that are constantly changing in her own life. “At the bottom of my work,” she says, “is the notion of home and displacement.” Though her early work focused on painting and exper- imental film, venturing into sculpture, installation, and sound, Katrín’s painting has become increasingly “instal- lational” and sculptural. Today, she focuses on “installa- tion-sculpture and architectural interventions”, or pieces that intervene with the architecture of an exhibition space without permanently changing it. Until this past year, Katrín’s own work has revolved around urban and suburban landscapes. It was not until she exhibited a piece entitled ‘High Plane’, a wood and polystyrene platform built approximately ten feet off the ground, that she dealt with “pure, straight nature”. In this three-dimensional rendition of 29 islands and mountains, observers can literally stick their heads through the work in one of two square holes cut into the relief. Creating interactive scenes for her audience is always a vital product of Katrín’s projects. The scenes naturally “invite people to make their own fiction; their own story within each scene”, she says. “People have come to me during shows and said, ‘Where are the little people? Where are the cars?’ People make their own narrative, which is essentially what we do as children when we play with toys. I’m happy to be able to key into that because it’s very precious. Most people like to be able to return to that state.” Though it is not an articulated intention of hers, Katrín acknowledges that she may go through a similar process in creating these scenes from her life. “My work is about memory and fiction and the relationship between the two. Fiction is always based on something you’ve lived.” Which is why, perhaps, Katrín thrives in the cross-cul- tural world she occupies in Iceland and the internation- ally saturated environment of New York. “Culture is what you live – it’s not only what you remember. It’s not only what you’re born into. It’s also how you live your life today.” “At the bottom of my work,” she says, “is the notion of home and displacement.” Katrín Sigurdardóttir 26 IR302 - Carnegie bs-rm 2.9.2002 10:45 Page 29
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