Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 40

Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 40
38 ICELAND REVIEW stand something about the “elite” stallions – both those currently in vogue and those sires long-departed to some equine Elysium in the sky, to judge from the pious expres- sions of the breeders as they recite their mares’ bloodlines. VIPs and partygoers The time for the grand parade draws near. Princess Anne has slipped away to get changed. Perhaps in one of the nomad tents. She is not the only one. Whether due to the lure of the Icelandic horse, the royal presence or the upcoming parliamentary elec- tions in the spring, Icelandic cabinet ministers have flocked to the meeting. Even the Fisheries Minister has allowed himself to be dragged away from the docks and mounts up in classic riding gear. The Minister for Agriculture is already in the saddle. Two rid- ers from the VIP guard, dressed in the colours of the Icelandic flag, stand beside a sad- dled horse, awaiting the Minister for Education. He arrives at last, kitted out in extraor- dinary attire which is clearly intended to strike a patriotic note but actually looks more like a cross between an old police uniform and the Faroese national costume. Princess Anne has chosen a sober grey jacket. When she dismounts, Töfri rubs his bit against her, leaving a green smear down her side. The onlookers are devastated. “Horses have no sense of occasion,” is her laconic reply to the apologies of the Icelanders seeking to excuse their compatriot’s unfortunate lapse in manners. Far from the VIPs, to the west of the showground, the tents of teenagers and fun- seekers cluster on the banks of the Svartá river. Many of these will go through the whole meeting without so much as a glimpse of a horse. For here it is party time, with techno music booming from car radios and ghetto-blasters throughout the day. But as evening falls, everyone heads off to the showground where the entertainments are in full swing. A bonfire blazes up in the mild weather of Friday evening; Skagafjördur petition, race meeting and agricultural show rolled into one. The exceptional length of the meeting is dictated not least by the length of time it takes to show off the horses which are not competing in any particular category other than that of being themselves. These are the complex and long-drawn-out breeder’s shows, of interest only to the initiated. These shows are for the true herdsmen, the breeders who have dedicated years of their life to preparing for this moment. They have made it through the preliminaries, shelled out large sums to have their mares covered by top stallions, hired riders, invested in land, hay, horse-boxes and American jeeps – knowing that it may all come to nothing on the day. Their horse may fail on some minor point of conformation, judged not to have a sufficiently well-turned hind leg or sloping pastern. Not unnaturally, feelings run high and disputes between judges and breeders can be heated. To comprehend the depths of the nomads’ feelings, you need to under- 34 IR302 - Landsmót bs-rm 2.9.2002 11:18 Page 38
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