Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 26

Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 26
24 ICELAND REVIEW The gymnasium looks as if it has been decorated for a wedding reception: streamers and balloons hang from the basketball hoops and along the walls small lights cling to white netting. It’s 2:30AM. “Time to head back home,” says the filmmaker. We all agree to call it a night, some four hours before the party ends and the last accordion is packed away into its black case. Sound check Saturday morning. The scoreboard clock inside the local sports hall reads 10:37. The gymnasium looks as if it’s been decorated for a wedding reception: streamers and bal- loons hang from the basketball hoops and along the walls small lights cling to white netting. In less than 14 hours, the sports hall will play host to the festival’s grand finale, a night of ballroom dancing. About ten men supervise the sound check. A few are dressed in tacky sweatsuits, oth- ers in leather jackets and slacks. It looks like something out of a scene from The Sopranos. The accordion Mafia. A 15-piece band from Akranes (west Iceland) has just stepped on stage. The band is mostly made up of teenagers. Eleven members of the band play the accordion. The drummer is...wait a’s THM, hunched over the drum set. Even though he looks like a living fossil juxtaposed against the teenage accordion players, he can real- ly jam. A teenage girl shines on a solo, her accordion nearly smothering her body. The Mafiosi clap when she finishes. Embarrassed, she disappears behind her instrument. Drummer Thórir Magnússon with up-and-coming accordian players Rut Berg and Maren Lind. 20 IR302 - Harmonikkumót bs-km 2.9.2002 14:30 Page 24
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