Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 74

Iceland review - 2002, Blaðsíða 74
72 ICELAND REVIEW MARS IN MÝVATN - planning a Mars Mission to Iceland If the plans of the Mars Society go as hoped, photographs from lake Mývatn (northeast Iceland) will soon picture a ten-metre tall, tube-shaped spacecraft, researchers wearing silver space- suits, and friendly robots creeping around the volcanic landscape, taking samples and investigating the surrounding area for signs of life. The Mars Society is a global organisation made up of scientists, astronauts, engineers, students and other enthusiasts of the planned exploration of the planet Mars. The Euro-Mars project, which is planned to be carried out in Iceland, is a step towards the Society’s main target: “the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet”. Mars is the closest neighbouring planet to Earth and has the most Earth-like environment of any planet, making it a good candidate for future space living. Water deposits have recently been found on the planet, meaning that humans could perhaps live in relative comfort there. The Euro-Mars project will simulate the first human landing on Mars by mimicking the actual conditions that astronauts will be expected to face. A simulation spacecraft will be erected and researchers wearing spacesuits will collect information and carry out experiments and tests to prepare for the first space mission to this red planet. The researchers will be testing equipment and robotics, and investigating how humans cope with the pressures of space travel, isolation from family members, co-operation with co-workers and other factors. The Mars Society also aims to intro- duce the work of the society to the general public and the press through the Euro-Mars project. The research unit in Iceland will be the third of its kind, the other two being situated in Antarctica and the deserts of Utah. The Mars Society hopes that the unit will be up and running by the middle of July 2003, at the latest. The spaceship has already been built and is on display in Chicago until the end of September, awaiting to be shipped to its new home in the north of Iceland. Mars Society Chapters from across Europe will be managing and operating the project, which will be funded by donations. Icelandic researchers and students will also be given the chance to take part in the project, and visitors are welcome during crew rotation if they call ahead to give notice. Scouting the Volcanic Valleys Three scouts from the Mars Society, Bo Maxwell, Artemis Westenberg and Charles Frankel, arrived in Iceland last 24 June to investigate the area of Mývatn / Krafla, which is the primary potential site for the new research unit. The area is recognised By ANDREA ÓSK JÓNSDÓTTIR x72 IR302 - Mars bs -km 2.9.2002 17:04 Page 72
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Iceland review

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