Forsetakjör - 01.11.1997, Blaðsíða 6

Forsetakjör - 01.11.1997, Blaðsíða 6
Preface The present report on the presidential election, held on 29 June 1996, is number 48 in the series of Icelandic election reports. After its foundation in 1914 Statistics Iceland became responsible for compiling and publishing reports on elec- tions in the country. The first report in 1914 covered general elections in the period 1908-1914, but two election reports covering the period 1874-1911 had already been published in 1882 and 1912. From the beginning the institution has published its reports on general elections to the Althingi, on presidential elections and referenda in the series Statistics of Iceland, altogether 32 publications including the present issue. Since 1930 Statistics Iceland has also compiled reports on local government elections. These appeared in Monthly Statistics until the institution started to publish them sepa- rately in the Statistics oflceland series, the first covering the elections in 1990. In 1988, Statistics Iceland published in two volumes all reports that had been compiled on general elections, local government elections, presidential elections and referenda in the period 1874-1987, in all 43 reports. Since then reports have been issued on the presidential elections in 1988, local government elections in 1990 and the general elections in 1991 and 1995. The issue of election reports is outlined on pages 40—41 in this publication. Presidential elections are held according to the Presiden- tial Candidacy and Election Act dating from 1945, which has remained more or less unchanged in substance since then. The execution of presidential elections, however, is in most respects govemed by the General Election Act that has undergone considerable amendments in the past decades, e.g. regarding the compilation of electoral rolls, the fran- chise, absentee voting and the division of the country into constituencies. Such changes are accounted for in this report. The sources on which the present report is based are the following: 1. Statistics on voters on the electoral roll and votes cast are based on reports submitted by local election boards to Statistics Iceland. 2. Information on the presidential candidates and the pre- scribed number of signatures in support of their candi- dacy is based on advertisements issued by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Justice. 3. Statistics on election results were obtained from a report issued by the Supreme Court of Iceland. For Statistics Iceland, Guðni Baldursson has been in charge of the data collection, processing and compiling of this report. Sigurborg Steingrímsdóttir has been responsible for the layout. In November 1997 Hallgn'mur Snorrason Director-General



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