Læknablaðið : fylgirit - 01.09.1977, Blaðsíða 22

Læknablaðið : fylgirit - 01.09.1977, Blaðsíða 22
16 DECLARATION OF HELSINKI Recommendations guiding medical doctors in biomedical research involving human subjects. Adopted by the 18th World Medical Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, 1964, and as revised by the 29th World Medical Assembly, Tokyo, Japan, 1975. Introduction. It is the mission of the medical doctor to safeguard the health of the people. His or her knowledge and conscience are dedicated to the fulfillment of this mission. The declaration of Geneva of The World Medical Association binds the doctor with the words, "The health of my patient will be my first consideration" and the International Code of Medical Ethics declares that, "Any act or advice which could weaken phys- ical or mental resistance of a human heing may be used only in his interest". The purpose of biomedical research involving human subjects must be to improve diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic pro- cedures and the understanding of the aetiology and pathogenesis of disease. In current medical practice most diagnostic, therapeutic or porphylactic procedures involve hazards. This applies a fortiori to biomedical research. Medical progress is based on research which ultimately must rest in part on experimentation involving human subjects. In the field of biomedical research a fundamental distinction must be recognized between medical research in which the aim is essentially diagnostic or therapeutic for a patient, and medical research, the essential object of which is purely scientific and without direct diagnostic or therapeutic value to the person subjected to the research. Special caution must be exercised in the conduct of research which may affect the environment, and the welfare of animals used for research must þe respected. Because it is essential that the results of laboratory experi- ments be applied to human beings to further scientific knowledge and to help suffering humanity, The World Medical Association has prepared the following recommendations as a guide to every doctor in biomedical research involving human subjects. They should be kept under review in the future. It must be stressed that the standards as drafted are only a guide to physicians all over the world. Doctors are nor relieved from criminal, civil and ethical


Læknablaðið : fylgirit

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