Læknablaðið : fylgirit - 01.09.1977, Blaðsíða 32

Læknablaðið : fylgirit - 01.09.1977, Blaðsíða 32
26 with patients, with colleagues, with members of allied profess- ions and with the public. Section 1 The principal objective of the medical profession is to render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity of man. Physicians should merit the confidence of patients entrusted to their care, rendering to each a full measure of service and devotion. Section 2 Physicians should strive continually to improve medical knowledge and skill, and should make available to their patients and colleagues the benefits of their professional attainments. Section 3 A physician should practice a method of healing founded on a scientific basis; and he should not voluntarily associate professionally with anyone who violates this principle. Section 4 The medical profession should safeguard the public and itself against physicians deficient in moral character or pro- fessional competence. Physicians should observe all laws, uphold the dignity and honor of the profession and accept its selfimposed disciplines. They should expose, without hesitation, illegal or unethical conduct of fellow members of the profession. Section 5 A physician may choose whom he will serve. In an emergency, however, he should render service to the best of his ability. Having undertaken the care of a patient, he may not ne- glect him; and unless he has been discharged he may discontinue his services only after giving adequate notice. He should not solicit patients. Section 6 A physician should not dispose of his services under terms or conditions which tend to interfere with or impair the free and complete exercise of his medical judgement and skill or tend to cause a deterioration of the quality of medical care. Section 7 In the practice of medicine a physician should limit the source of his professional income to medical services actual- ly rendered by him, or under his supervision, to his patients. His fee should be commensurate with the services rendered and the patients ability to pay. He should neither pay nor receive a com- mission for referral of patients. Drugs, remedies or appliances may be dispensed or supplied by the physician provided it is in the best interests of the patient. Section 8 A physician should seek consultation upon request; in doubtful or difficult cases; or whenever it appears that the qua- lity of medical service may be enhanced thereby. Section 9 A physician may not reveal the confidences entrusted to him in the course of medical attendance, or the deficiencies he may observe in the character of patients, unless he is required


Læknablaðið : fylgirit

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