Samtökin '78 - Samtakafréttir - 01.12.1999, Blaðsíða 31

Samtökin '78 - Samtakafréttir - 01.12.1999, Blaðsíða 31
Þau höfðu samband - Hafðu samband Dear gay Icelanders! I’m looking for someone to exchange my downtown Paris studio (20 m2, twin bed) for a place to stay in Reykjavik for two friendly college students over the new year period (preferably 29. dec.-5. jan.). Please e-mail: Sincerely, Raphael Ringer Dearest Icelandic friends! I very want to meet an honest Scandinavian. It is so im- portant for me. I am sorry I am not be able use Internet, only E-mail. My name is Alexei. I am from Donetsk, eastem Ukraine. I have a higher education, a graduate from Voronezh Technological Institute. Now I work at the confectionery plant as engineer-technologist. I am a sweet boy. Eight month ago my partner left me and went to Israel. My height is 172 cm, my weight is 75 kg. I have light- brown hair, my eyes are light-green, medium built. I am sociable, attractive, honest. In relationships with my partner I have been only passive. I like to be de- pendent on but not to be dominant as in life as in sex. About my interests: I like to cook meals, to run the house, to read books, enjoy sport, to correspond with my friends, to watch the mexican drama films, to go to the nature (forest, sea), to go to music clubs and dance there. What are my wishes? It is so difficult to say, but I can try. I want to meet a man for whom I will be able to live. I want to build my life together with this man and to think about the future. I would like to share happiness as well as defeat. And my best wishes to create real gay family. With love, yours Alexei. mail to: Ég er 35 ára kona, búsett skammt frá Reykjavík, 160 cm á hæð, og óska eftir að kynnast annarri konu á aldrinum 20-40 ára með samband í huga. Ég hef engan áhuga á skyndikynnum. Er sjálf 35 ára, 160 cm venjuleg kona. Áhugamál ýmisleg. Vonast eftir góðum viðtökum. Hringið í síma 861 6225. Bestu kveðjur, Kolla. Viltu verða sæðisgjafi fyrir okkur? Hálfíslenskt Iesbískt par er enn að leita að samkynhneigðum manni sem að hugsan- lega vildi vera sæðisgjafi fyrir fyrirhugað bam. Barnið fengi vitneskju um uppmna sinn og síðar meir yrði kannski einhver umgengnisréttur, en auðvitað yrði ekki um neinn fjárhagslega eða aðra ábyrgð að ræða að hálfu gjafans. Við erum sjálfar 30 og 31 árs, í sambúð á meginlandi Evrópu. Önnur er í háskólanámi og hin með háskólapróf og í góðri stöðu. Þeir sem hafa áhuga vinsamlegast sendið svör í pósthólf 1262, 121 Reykjavík, merkt „Gjafir“. Fullkomnum trúnaði heitið. Hver vill hjálpa okkur að uppfylla bamalöngun okkar. My name is Istvan, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Hungary. I study at Budapest University and would like to meet gay Icelandic people around my age (16-22), at least virtually. I’m very interested in Iceland and its culture, people and language. I started to to learn Icelandic about a month ago but sadly that didn’t really enable me to understand even a word from Icelandic web-sites. Still, I hope I'm not seeking in vain. I really would appreciate if you could help me find to somebody who is interested and could write to me in English, German or Hungarian (just kidding). My address is: Thanks a lot - hope to hear from you soon, Istvan I’m a 20 years old lesbian from Spain. I know that I won’t go to Iceland any time soon, but maybe in the next years due to my studies since I’m very interested in Icelandic culture and language. I just wanted to know if I could meet some Icelandic lesbians of my age (I’m nearly 21) as penfriends by now and then perhaps meet them in the next future if I ever go to Iceland finally, or if you visit me. Takk fyrir Salomé Rodríguez Vázquez Hórreo 176 6flk 15702 Santiago de Compostela Spain | I I pi 1 rUUIMU Fax: 561 7144 Hársnyrtistofa • Auður Magnúsdóttir • Árni Glóbó • Björg Ýr Guðmundsdóttir • Ragnhildur Elín Garðarsdóttir Laugavegi 25 2. hæð • 101 Reykjavík Hi, Early 30’s gay male from Vancouver, BC, Canada, into working out is coming to Iceland in March and looking for friends to show me the sights and do things with. Please get back to me if anyone is interested. Thanks, Curtis Kære redaktion. Jeg vil geme abonnere pá jeres newsletter, fordi jeg interesserer mig meget for Island og hvad der foregár hos jer til daglig. Jeg er selv redaktpr pá et tysksproget bpssemagasin som hedder Strandláufer og udkommer i den nordlige delstat Slesvig-Holsten. I kan læse i online-udgaven pá strandlaeufer. Den udgives af Slesvig- Holstens landsforening for bpsser, Schwules Leben, som ogsá har en hjemmeside: leben (her fíndes der enkelte sider pá dansk!). Máske kan vi jo opbygge en eller anden form for samarbejde omkring vores online-magasiner? Jeg tilhprer det danske mindretal syd for den danske grænse, bor i Flensborg, taler báde dansk og tysk, er 38 ár gammel - og er meget interesseret i at fá nogle e-mail- eller pennevenner fra ísland. Desværre er mit islandsk ret dárligt, men jeg er i stand til at læse tekster (med lidt besvær) og vil gerne lære mere. Mange hilsner, Herman U. Soldan I am of mixed race (East Indian and black) gay man, 41 years old, from Georgetown Guyana in South America. I earn my living as a metallurgical technician in the lab at a gold mine tucked away some 200 miles in the jungle. The parent company is of Canadian origin. This is the fírst mine of its kind in my country and the largest. I drink socially and smoke a little (maybe one or two cigarettes a day). My interests are many and varied. Some are listed here: Reading novels (suspense authors like Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum), listening to music, classical and instrumental, cooking (though I am not a gourmet chef), relaxing with good company, writing poetry and prose (I hope to be published in the next 18 months). Honesty, openess, com- passion, down to earth practicality are facets of an individual which I fínd attractive. I consider myself a person who has a sense of humor and appreciate this also in others. I am working to achieve some of the things which „establishes“ one as a successful person. Attaining a secondary education thus far, I do have ambitions of acquiring a higher education and do plan to pursue same in the near future. Please always reply to I shall be happy to read more about you and do hope that you will not be too shy to communicate as much as you can to me. Of course I am gay and have lived openly as such since I was a teenager. Our society does not give legal value to our lifestyle and one can be charged and put before the courts for buggery and sodomy. However such cases occur mostly when someone forces himself upon another or in cases of molestation. Most families have at least one member who is gay. Many gays are still closeted and fear coming out. I am not „femme“. I am, for the most part, straight looking and acting. Stay in touch and be happy. Best regards. Frederick Hi, I’m a 25 year old boy in America, and I’m totally fascinated with Iceland. I’m hoping to fínd some good, true friends and perhaps more some day. I’m 188 cm tall, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, Greek blooded, very friendly, Iike to do all sorts of things, especially nature things. Also, hope to travel to the Faroe Islands one day. I do not play games and am not promiscuous so I hope to fínd a nice Icelandic guy who is around my age and is similar to me. Sincerely, Michael, ICQ# 7025210 YahooPager: icebird24 I will be moving to Iceland from Texas, United States and I was wondering if there was a way you could get someone to write me. Maybe a pen pal situation. I am 23 years old. I am currently studying medicine. I am a collegiate wrestler, into modeling, and love nature. Thank you. Krystian Michael Riaan Gentner 2601 Scofíeld Ridge Parkway, # 1228 Austin, Texas 78727 United States of America Hi there! Young (24) Greek guy, interested in Iceland and its people is looking for e- mail friends. Planning to visit Reykiavik in spring or summer. I need a good looking guy up to 35 who could acommodate and show me around the place. If you’re interested, e-mail me at: neoiorizon @ Cheers, Michalis PS If you can’t accommodate, you can still write. A Skólavörðustíg 35 Sími 552 3621 SAMTAKAFRÉTTIR 31


Samtökin '78 - Samtakafréttir

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